Chapter 3

Written by: tokyo

Hugo was out cold when Vivienne went to answer the door.  His mouth lay open like a gaping fish, emitting a dull snore. 

She checked the peephole.  Her mother winked and left through the back.  Vivienne released the chain and flung open the front door.  Dominic was standing there with a nervous, rollercoaster grin across his face.  He was tall for an Italian.  With his dark Sicilian features he possessed a magnetism to women he'd never realized. 

Vivienne motioned a finger to her lips.

"Is it really him?" Dominic whispered.

"Si.  Oh yes."

Dominic cast a glance around the room.  His eyes caught the Rohypnol.  "Date rape drug?"

She eyed him suspiciously.  "How do you know?"

"I'm no longer four years old, Sis."  And then he noticed his mother's pash mina scarf on the table.  "Mom been around?"

"Uh-huh.  One last look at the old flame.  She's gone to buy some flowers." Vivienne smiled at her brother.  With the Old Man gone, it was his time to step up in The Family.  It was what Maria, their mother wanted for him.

Dominic stepped over to the sleeping bulk on the couch.  This Hugo looked to him like a blonde Elvis impersonator, and a pretty bad one at that.  "Did you have to, well, y'know..."

Vivienne shook her head.  "It was bad enough having to flirt with him."

"You seem to have done a good job, Meryl Streep."

And she made a face.

Dominic walked into the kitchen and just stood there like a lost puppy.  She wondered if he was cut out for what their business really meant. 

Then a long groan resonated from the couch, like the engine brake of a truck.

"Come on Dom, we need to get him in."  She motioned for him to lift Hugo.

Dominic lifted from beneath the shoulders and began dragging the unconscious man across the room.  He smelt of alcohol and discount store cologne.

Vivienne opened the door to the spare room, and lying open in the middle was the coffin.

Hugo felt himself being dragged.  She was strong, he mused, her body athletic.  But what an idiot he'd been getting himself plastered like that. He must have been losing it because he'd even seen Maria with his ring and that had ended long ago.  A deep slumber beckoned him again now and he felt the welcome comfort of a velvety bed.  He wished she'd taken his shoes off but it was no matter, with his head spinning he was thankful for a final resting place for the night.  He drifted into a fantasy for what would certainly await him when he awoke.  She would be naked, lying right there beside him.

Vivienne looked one last time at the bloated, comatose face.  "You  messed with the wrong Family mister," she hissed.  Then she nodded to Dom, his face beaded with sweat. Together they lifted the heavy lid of the coffin into place and began screwing it down.


Simon Angelo (NZ)



Putting the preface up I never realised the story would head in this direction. Other writers are given creative latitude to take it there. It's a scary, dangerous route you've brought Simon. That is very admirable from my end.
Thanks Ken. What have I done? I'm hoping Hugo is going to get out, OK!
It's a story Simon so no pressure on who gets out but solitary confinement in a coffin would not be my idea of a good time..
I know I'm harping on this a bit, but again I don't believe the point of view change was needed. It's only slightly jarring in this story, but still, I would have stuck it out without getting into Hugo's head.
The direction for this story is slowly weaving its way along, getting to a climax... I can feel it. Maybe in a chapter or two, or maybe further along. Let's see what happens :)