Chapter 3

Written by: Suraya Dewing

Jay and Sime were cleaning out the pony stables and grumbling about how unfair it was that they had to do one of the yuckiest chores in the village. The ponies were the only way for villagers to take their legendary cabbages and fairy dust pickles to market every Saturday. And the ponies were very sensitive. If they did not have their stables cleaned every day and their coats brushed until they shone they rebelled by refusing to take the produce to the market.

Grandma Aimes had said it was time the boys learned that the privilege of living in Greenside Village came with obligations. Those obligations included not bullying others and enthusiastically doing their daily chores. 

Some days after the harvest festival, Jay had told Simes that the time had come to get their revenge on Kali. Kali was walking past carrying a basket of delicious peaches. As she walked she talked to Hest from Half End Circle who often came to visit. Grandma Aimes said his frequent visits were because he was sweet on Kali. She had told Grandma Aimes she thought he was looking out for her because it was clear that Jay and Sime harboured bad thoughts towards her and that those bad thoughts would manifest in a beastly reprisal when no one was looking.

Sure enough, as time went on everyone forgot what Jay and Sime had done to Henu and they began to stop watching their every move.

Hest knew this meant danger for Kali and he began to shadow her all the more diligently.

On the day when the boys were cleaning the pony’s stables Jay leaned back on his shovel and issued a loud yawn. Sime looked up from where he was brushing the whitest pony in the village which was treasured for its pink mane.

“I think I’m done with all this hard work,” Jay said and the meanest imaginable smirk filled his face.

Sime looked askance and stopped brushing, Marybel. The magic pony stamped its feet, annoyed that the boys had stopped their work.

The boys looked around stealthily. No-one was there except Kali who was in the stable polishing the leather and snaffle bit Marybel wore. She was so engrossed in making every piece shine that she did not notice the lurking boys.

Jay sneaked up behind her and threw a hood over her. She got such a shock she squealed but Sime was too quick and he clamped a hand over her mouth. They looked around to make sure no-one had seen.

“This’ll teach you for snitching on us,” Jay growled. “You should know you can’t get away with crossing us.”

Kali was fighting to get free which made the boys hold her tighter.

What no-one knew was that the boys had had a spell put on them at a Fairy Blessing ceremony which made them very mean spirited. This meant that they were always looking for revenge when they felt someone had slighted them.