Chapter 3

Written by: Kalli Deschamps


Who would have imagined that two, young, handsome engineers from IIT in Delhi, India would be standing atop a sun drenched, snow-covered, massive mountain at Big Sky, Montana’s world famous, ski area. They exchanged lip-stretching grins and rib-crushing bear hugs. Gaurav whispered, “I can’t believe we did it!”

His lifelong friend started laughing so hard he almost tumbled from his precarious perch on the glistening snow. “You and I have been friends for years. And shared so many adventures. I needed your expert help to complete this amazing project.

Guarav’s puzzled expression sparked his next question. “I never could figure out why they hired a company from India and a couple of inexperienced college grads to oversee this huge project.”

“ I told you after my exceptional interview that day when I asked you to help, that I had powerful connections.”

“When you agreed did you know how massive this project would be and where it would be located?”

“Not exactly; only that we would have a team.”

“Yeah! They were great” Gaurav frowned at his sunburned best friend.  “You know you ruined my love life.”

Saumya shrugged his powerful shoulders. “It’s only been three years. She’s probably still there. We’re leaving this fantastic mountain tomorrow.” He threw his arms aside. “ I still can’t believe we built this entire ski area!”


“ It has been quite a project. So who cares if my crummy life is ruined.”

“Gaurav. We’ve traveled this road before. If Mahak really loves you, she will be waiting for you with open arms.” He shrugged. “If not; well, life goes on. Remember, we fly home tomorrow. Think of it. After this, there is no friggin’ job in the world you want, that you can’t have.”


With ski poles dug into the soft snow and wide grins on their bearded faces, they pushed off the steep slope and headed for the beautiful, newly built, log ski lodge. Thoughts whirling as he flew across the crystal, sun drenched snow, Saumya wondered if his plan was going to work. Everything had to be timed just right. Not usually one to worry about much of anything except himself and his own desires, this was an unusual state of mind. He glanced across the incredible ski run to where Gaurav was skimming the top of the packed course.


As they reached the bottom of the hill and started to remove their skis, the air was filled with shouts of raucous laughter as members of their team came rushing through the huge carved doors of the lodge. Their team leader pulled Saumya to one side with a giggle and a wink for his boss.


Saumya quietly whispered in his ear, “Did it work?”

            “Like a charm!”

Surrounded by the laughing team, Guarav felt smothered as he tried to break through.  He finally reached the front and there she was. His beautiful Mahak ran to greet him with tears in her eyes and love in her joyous smile.



Hi Kalli, What a terrific chapter. It's got action and wonderful descriptions. The characters were also well drawn. You have made the shift in time and place believable and left the serial to go in any number of directions with the open-ended ending. Welcome back to the serials.
Thanks, Suraya. It was fun to write a chapter again.
Kalli, I certainly hadn't anticipated this turn of events. Love the descriptions ....