Chapter 3

Written by: Griffin

“Man: Emily,” thought Jacques.


Time was ticking away. Jacques did not stop to wonder why this man had reappeared spontaneously in front of him. He was not his usual laid-back self. He was, in fact, in a panic. He looked around and saw a black Audi nearby. The grey suit and the Audi were irresistible. He put a hand through the curls of his hair, which he had forgotten to attend to. 


“Got to get to Audsley Street. If you got nothing else to do.”


“No, that’s alright, I have some spare time. In you get.”


The man reminded Jacques of the man in the stamp shop that he used to frequent as a boy. He had spent hours flicking through the catalogues, being transported to faraway places. How exciting to turn up to the musty little shop with his two dollars and get a set of small denominations from Iceland. The man always wore a beautifully-fitting grey jacket and blue tie. He was so kind, not minding that Jacques spent so little.


“I’m Jacques,” he said, settling into the leather seat.


“Good to meet you, Jacques, I’m Bernard.”


“It’s a fair way. You’ll have to go all the way to Rushton Road, turn left, and go another three kilometers. It’s on the bus route.”


“That’s no problem at all Jacques. I was just visiting someone in that direction.”


The dash was shiny mahogany. The man turned the key and the car vibrated silently. He resisted the urge to twiddle with the heating.


“Going to a party?”


Jacques felt embarrassed that his loud blue shirt was so obviously a party shirt.


“Yes I’m meeting Emily.” 


“Ah yes. A friend?”


“I wish. I just see her in the corridor.”


For some reason, Jacques felt at ease with the older man. The suburban houses were flying by noiselessly.


“What do you do?” Jacques asked abruptly.


“Me? I own a company that makes laser devices. We supply mainly to the military.”


“Oh cool. I’m building a laser range-finder in my bedroom. Lasers are so cool.”


“You like physics?”


“It’s the best. I love reading about Faraday, Schroedinger, Dirac, all those guys.


“Yes, and Maxwell’s amazing equations. They got me going. I used to devour books on physics as a teenager.”


“You do a PhD?”


“Sure. I went to Carnegie Mellon and did one on laser interferometry. So what does your father do?”


“Here, this is Rushton. Turn left here. Oh, he was a lawyer.”


“You get on with him?” What a strange question.


“He’s alright. He goes his way, I go mine.”


They headed down Rushton in silence. 


“Sorry for causing your accident back there. My mind was elsewhere. I’ve been negotiating with the school regarding a matter.”


Jacques was concentrating on the street signs. “Audsley. It’s the third on the left.”


As he got out, the man handed him a business card. “I’d be delighted, Jacques, if you look me up next week some time. We can talk more about lasers.”



This is such a well written chapter. The description of the man Jacques meets is perfect. In one line we immediately have an image of him. I also liked the way you interrupted the conversation with directions. This was realistic but not invasive.