Chapter 3

Written by: Jasmine Groves

Huang Fu looked at me blankly “That’s what her text said, got it this morning” he pulled his cell out and flipped it open “See?”

My eyes darted around the night market, I had lost time, and the man in the chequered shirt was quickly pushing his way through the crowd. I couldn’t make out his face, his cap was pulled low covering his eyes, and he had a smattering of unshaven hair on his chin.

One thing I could tell, it emanates from him….. He meant me menace, he was on the hunt.

I glanced one last time at Huang Fu and then bolted in the opposite direction, crashing into shoulders, hand bags and limbs as I tried to navigate the market. I struggled to find my bearings in the dimming night. My legs felt weak and my breath wanted to explode. My husband is dead. Dead!

But maybe I could save Voila?

No time for contemplation. A stand was being dragged off site just to my right behind a red pickup. I made my way towards it, hunching over trying to lose myself in the crowd. I pulled my coat off and discarded it on the ground, hoping the change would confuse my pursuer.

I dived behind the moving trailer that was being pulled. Progress wasn’t fast but it blocked me from view for anyone in the square. I kept pace; waiting… there is an alley.

Changing direction, I ran into it. It was narrow and dank and I couldn’t make out how long it is. I tripped. There was nothing I could do at the speed I was going. One knee went down and then the other. Jeans torn open as the concrete ripped skin from my knee, blood trickling down.

Glass cut into the flesh of my hand and once again I could smell the scent of death. Alongside the alley wall I could see the decomposing carcass of an animal.

A sob escaped me. I leant towards the wall. I needed to get up. I needed to move. My body trembled violently from fear, exhaustion, the bike ride and the chase, the breath choking out of me with each step. Blood continued to ooze from my knee as I staggered one foot after the other into the darkness ahead.

Where is the end of this alley? What will I do when I get there…? Honestly Claudia, think! Use that febrile imagination of yours.

Thoughts ceased, as a noise from the dark made my senses become heightened. I couldn’t make him out, but I could feel the menace focused right at me. I whimpered and tried to turn, turning blindly back the way I came.

One step, two, everything echoed in my head with fear. A hand reached from the dark, violently grabbed my hair. I was propelled backwards. “Viola”, my last thought as the abyss came to claim me and I lost consciousness.


Sound! Action! Roll em! Jasmine, you are definitely my kind of writer. What a great piece of action we can all see, hear and feel. Tension abounds and this is the kind of script that you like to read fast because you are drawn into it and want to see the victim escape. But what a bummer at the end. Now we wait with impatience to see what the next author makes of all this. This is just the type of chapter that entices readers back for the next episode. Well done. I do hope you are going to be a regular 'Minter' and keep booking.