Chapter 3

Written by: Jasmine Groves

Ralph had seen the moment the woman had pulled the gun on Helen. He had noticed his sister from some distance; she had paused at one point seeming to stare at someone in a dark leather jacket. He picked up his pace hoping he could make up ground while she was distracted.

Almost within calling distance, she turned from the man, a puzzled expression on her face. Then with a quickened pace hurried on her way.

He cursed his tendency to be late once again and had set off along the embankment after her. He came level with the man that had captured Helen’s attention and a chill shot up his spine as he realised the man’s gaze was fixed on his sister as she drew further ahead. Worse than his attention though was the sadistic way the stranger was smiling.

With haste he pushed on, hurrying to catch up. It was easy to hear in the nearly deserted city. His senses picked up the sound of a third pair of footsteps, light on their feet like a women’s, travelling with pace towards his sister.

Up ahead the woman reached Helen and paused to rummage through a large and unfashionable carpet bag.

A glint of something metallic caught Ralph’s attention as the woman pulled an object from her bag. He gasped when he saw the familiar shape of a gun in her lacy, black gloved hand as she pulled it up and out, and then pointed it towards Helen.

The fear he felt was replicated on his sister’s face.  He felt impotent and useless as the look of uncertainty spread across her features. He was still too far away to help.

An ancient, slightly husky and French voice reached his ears. He couldn’t make out the words, but none of them seemed to relax Helen as the confrontation continued.

Moments later they stopped speaking and looked like they were heading off together. Ralph couldn’t fathom why his sister would so willingly go when a threat was so obvious.

Trying to be inconspicuous, he started to follow. The last thing he wanted was to make things worse.

He had no idea what was happening. He quickly realised he also had no idea of where they were headed.

Following at distance, ducking into doorways and behind trees, he made up ground. Up ahead they turned a corner. Waiting a few seconds he crept up and turned it too.

The cold nozzle of the gun pushed into his abdomen, causing him to take in a sharp breath and come to an immediate stop.

Ice blue eyes met his, her mouth opened, “Oh Ralph, how delightful you could join our little party, I thought you would be harder to catch than your sister Helen.” Her voice purred over the words with her French accent.