Chapter 3

Written by: dannyo77

My heart lurched in my chest when I recognised Doctor Flo. Did she really bring this rabble here along with that infuriating megaphone bearer, McLaughlin? Dismay and anger welled up within me. What did she see in him?

As we neared the tumultuous throng of protesters my foot caught on something solid in the mud and I tripped. With soiled palms and knees I stood up and made a rudimentary attempt to brush some of the dirt off my clothes. A stone corner protruded from the ground and the square corners clearly indicated it was man-made. I started to clear some of the debris away to see more of this curious discovery.

 Nearby the sound of the crowd could be heard clearly. McLaughlin’s voice blared over the megaphone as he berated Tommy, Bumps and my father.

“How dare you destroy a piece of our national heritage!” The crowd assented loudly. “We won’t stand for this! You’ll be answering to the law soon enough.”

Another outburst from the crowd egged McLaughlin on. I could hear my father objecting above the din, but it was hopeless.

The camera now focused on the newswomen giving a report set to the backdrop of the crowd. All eyes were on the conflict between McLaughlin and my father.

By now I had uncovered a step, a megalithic pathway – there were more crafted stones either side of the one I had tripped on.

“It must lead to the rath,” I said quietly.

“It does!”

 I started at the sound of another voice. Doctor Flo had been watching and now stood nearby examining my progress.

“On this side of the rath there may have been a swamp a long time ago. These steps would have been submerged beneath the surface of the swamp so that only those who knew the path could get to the ringfort.” The excitement in her voice was plain.

“Let’s follow it up,” I suggested. She nodded.

A dozen steps could be clearly seen through the mud, marching up toward the rath like silent soldiers. We followed the steps easily to the edge of the wider ringfort. Standing looking towards the rath and its gaping gash sent a chill down my spine. Doctor Flo stooped to clear more dirt away from the pavement.

“There’s a funny shaped rock here,” she mused, “I wonder if…” Snap! Her voice was cut off by the clap of stone against stone. Suddenly the earth seemed to quiver, and a fine mist like a thread of spiders silk crept from the opening in the rath. A small cavity opened in the Earth before us and mist began to seep out from it.

“It’s a trigger! This connects to the main chamber.” Doctor Flo was ecstatic.

I was filled with dread. Before us the same wraith I saw before formed from the mist and beckoned to Doctor Flo. Echoing through the chamber came a quiet yet terrifying whisper.

Before I could react Doctor Flo began to descend.

Dan Oliver (NZ)


Dan has written a really good chapter that moves the story along, introducing a mystery while we experience tension between the opposing sides and excitement and a sense of foreboding as the professor throws caution to the wind. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
I think this chapter is really good in the way it flows so seamlessly from the previous one. Dan does a great job of showing our main charactor's heartsick jilted feeling and his disappointment in Dr. Flo's betrayal. The suspision that she may be a paranormal being builds as she just seems to turn up unexpectedly. Great chapter!
So there's more to this story regarding the ancient heritage of the land.