Chapter 2

Written by: Gabrielle Burt

Samantha broke into a run.  He hadn’t heard her! 

“DAD!” she yelled louder this time. 

He started to turn around but the woman pulled his arm, dragging him deeper into the throng.

Now she was unsure.  And her run became a walk as she began to doubt what she was seeing with her own eyes.  He was dead.  Wasn’t he?  But then, an all too familiar gesture caught her eye.  He tilted his head to one side as he dodged a large knot of rowdy teenagers enjoying a night out.  It was definitely him and she was off again, as fast as she could go.

For just an instant, the mauve-haired woman glanced round, making eye contact with her, then quickly looked away.

Preoccupied with the mystery of it all she didn’t notice the young girl hurrying towards her, phone in hand, head bowed as she texted furiously. The girl carried a red tartan umbrella, neatly furled and tucked under one arm.  

What happened next might have been choreographed for a comedic turn. 

Samantha didn’t notice the sly, calculating look cast in her direction as the girl drew nearer.  Nor did she notice as the girl moved purposefully closer.  But her timing was perfect.  As they passed, she slid the hooked umbrella handle over Samantha’s upper arm and literally pulled her off her feet, sending her crashing backwards to the pavement. 

The last thing Samantha remembered before hitting the ground, was the mauve haired woman, hailing a shiny black London Cab and pushing her father into the rear seat.


Samantha’s eyes flew open.  Directly above her, the girl leaned close, her angular face with its rouged cheeks, contorted with concern.   Samantha’s eyes were drawn to the bright red lips that framed prominent front teeth onto which two small diamonds had been set. 

“ should ‘ave looked where you are goink.” She sounded foreign. 

Sprawled full length on the pavement, Samantha could feel an egg forming on the back of her head and tried to sit up but couldn’t.  All around, people flowed without stopping.  Could nobody see her?   Apart from a few curious glances at the scattered contents of her bag, nobody took any notice of her and suddenly, she was very angry. 

Angry her father and his companion were now nowhere to be seen.  She’d lost them.

Angry at the person bending over her.  This stupid airhead had caused her to lose sight of them and was now trying to blame her.

And if she needed another reason to be angry, it was that she had to catch an unreliable bus from a dodgy, deserted terminal – but not till 11.30pm!

She would phone Jeremy and get him to come into town and pick her up.

“Wait,” her assailant helped her up, “I know you’re upset, but I’m sure everythink will be okay.  You will find them.”

Angrily Samantha shrugged the girl’s sympathy away and turned on her heel to go.  Then stopped dead. ‘You will find them...?’



The description in this chapter is so clear it is like watching a movie. The surprise ending is great and there is a lot for the next writer to pick up on and take further. But the detail was excellent - diamonds in her front teeth, tartan umbrella are just two examples.
Love the twist at the end, Gabrielle. A riveting chapter full of action.
Thank you ladies. :)
Great chapter Gabrielle. Loved the surprise ending and the mystery surrounding the girl with two diamonds in her teeth!
Thank you Hemali.