Chapter 2

Written by: Suraya Dewing

The family shuffled impatiently around them. They sensed the underlying tension but could not figure out why it existed.

They loved Vicki and admired Sebastian. He was, after all, their leader, and Vicki a very capable second in charge. And therein lay the problem.

Vicki led in the courtroom. She did not like being second in charge out in the forest. The icy moon slid between some clouds and the forest became dark. Sebastian felt a rush of cold air ruffle his hair as Vicki slipped away.In the distance, the moon glided back from the clouds and lined the leaves of the trees with silver light. It was obliging the Abandonato who had formed into a clustered group as they edged through the trees, crossbows at the ready. Their heightened hearing, which was five times more sensitive than a normal human being’s, meant they could hear Sebastian’s tribe restlessly moving about.

“Vicki!” Sebastian called urgently, looking about him. He could smell danger and wanted her near him so he could watch her. 

He did not trust her and, while she assured him she was his many times, he could hear the lie threading through the words.

A twig cracked away in the distance. He was immediately on the alert. Then Vicki came through to the clearing, dragging the buck behind her. It was still alive, although in a much weakened state. It stumbled to its knees before Sebastian.   

“You can take what you need then let it go,” Vicki said.

Fury leapt through Sebastian.

“Can you not see, it will die if we take any more from it.”

Vicki rocked on her delicate feet . “Not if you are careful.” 

The buck's eyes rolled and it fell onto the ground.

The ground began to rumble. Sebastian leapt into action summoning a young vampire to his side.

“You take this blessed creature to the compound and feed him until he is once again strong.”

Vicki began to protest. But one glance from Sebastian was enough to shut her down. 

He raised his arms up and the shining rings on his fingers caught the night light and cast a powerful shadow over the group. Everyone cowered except Vicki. She knew his secret and nothing he did made her afraid.

Sebastian tilted his head, as if listening. “They are coming,” he said. “We must prepare.”

The mothers and their young ran into some nearby caves where they clustered silently, their eyes huge with terror. Vicki stood beside Sebastian. With her legs planted firmly apart she took out her crossbow and prepared to meet the enemy. Sebastian scrambled up some nearby rocks and took up a position on higher ground. They listened to the rumbling and felt the earth tremble beneath them.


The next day Vicki appeared in court. She was defending a man accused of poaching deer on Squire Arkright’s thousand acre farm and of murdering the Squire. Vicki’s ice blue eyes fixed on the accused and Sebastian steadily returned her gaze.



Wow, what a great twist, Suraya! I feel for Sebastian, dislike Vicki and all through your real descriptions. Truly entertaining.