Chapter 2

Written by: MatClarke


Some of what Saumya said made its way to Gaurav through the rushing wind, but the sense of it did not come through clearly.

Gaurav’s feelings of self pity and remorse filled his skull full of Styrofoam. He rested his head against his friend’s back and thought of Mahak. He pictured her deep dark eyes, her flowing black hair that sometimes smelled of strawberries, and he thought of her hand in his. He sat up straight. It should have been her hand in his. He had to see her again and tell her. Maybe that’s why she had done what she had done; she wanted to make him jealous, and her feelings must have been building up forever. This was her last effort to get him to do something. He should have kissed her months ago. God, there had been so many chances.

Gaurav began formulating a plan to make Mahak his. At the same time Saumya pulled the motorbike to the curb and up onto the pavement. He revved the throttle a little more to get them into an alley, then stopped.

Gaurav got off the bike and followed his friend up the wide path, his mind still working through his plan. As an engineer he knew how to lay out a complete blueprint. He would tackle this like all his projects and create a set of instructions to create a life with Mahak with no mistakes.

His friend led him inside a building using a pass key to get through a security door, then into a large lobby that reflected bright white light from every surface of the room. Ninety percent of Gaurav’s thoughts stayed on his plan to get Mahak, the other ten percent he wondered why they were in a place that they surely should not be.

They entered an elevator and rose many floors. It was by the thirtieth floor that Gaurav broke from his thoughts to take note of the rising numbers. And that they were still climbing.

“Saumya?” Gaurav said.

“In a moment.” Saumya continued to stare at the shiny metal doors in front of them.

The doors opened a few seconds later. A man, in what Gaurav knew was a very expensive suit, stood opposite them. He beckoned them out of the elevator and towards an open door into a board room with a large dark wooden table that was so glossy it hurt to look at it.

The man showed them to a seat and then asked them to wait a moment. 

“Saumya?” Gaurav said, this time more urgently.

Saumya smiled. “I wasn’t sure if you would come, but I guess I can tell you now. I’ve been offered a job after we graduate, but I can’t do this project alone. I need a partner. They’ll even give us a team once the project is approved. Gaurav, we’re going to be rich!”

Gaurav smiled with half his mouth, and thoughts of Mahak receded to the back of his mind.


This is a very nice compact piece that says a lot about feelings, describing hair that smells of strawberries and then ....A skull full of styrofoam. Sounds silly but when read in context makes a lot of sense and shows the writer is "in" the story and has a little poetic content in his writing style. Loved this, Mat. Really nice.
This is a well crafted chapter. You coiled us in and had us believing Guarav would not be sidetracked from his quest to claim Mahak. The imagery really brings her to life. Then, as he followed Guarav to meet Saumya my heart started to sink. Yes he was going to betray her. That's very clever writing. Congratulations!