Chapter 2

Written by: Ray Stone

Emily closed her eyes for a clearer mental picture of the task given to her. She could see the gray bridge clearly. The man appeared only as a long shadowy figure standing still by the drab river bank. She heard a strange sound that increased in volume until she realized she was listening to running water. The mysterious experience was a little unsettling but had a calming effect on her. She remembered something Layla said at the start of her training.

“There will be many changes within your mental capabilities as you progress from one stage to another. Expect changes and embrace and learn from them. Do not fight them. The Higher Order have carefully designed your new experiences after many years of experiment.”

As she prepared to leave for the bridge, Emily put a hand to her neck but had no idea why. She felt helpless, confused and bewildered as she looked into the hall mirror and gave her shock of long red hair a quick brush. A small knot of hair caught in the brush and she screwed her eyes up and winced. Instant pictures flashed before her eyes. A man whose face she could clearly see was walking toward her, but faded into another face – that of Layla and then Rob.

“Going out?”

Rob appeared behind Emily. She looked at him in the mirror and said, “padintarque rabenkit” (a project meeting).

His face creased into a pleasant smile. “Higher dialect. So you have been chosen. Well done,” he said eagerly.

Emily shook her head. “I’m sorry but what are you talking about?”

“No matter,” replied Rob. “You go to your appointment. When you get back, Layla will be waiting for you. She will be reporting to the Higher Order today and giving them a progress report. I would think you will shortly be on phase three.” He held out a small bag containing six silver spheres. “You will need these today.”

Emily looked at the spheres. “I’ve never seen these before, what are they?”

“You will know what they are and what you have been doing for the last few weeks once you are into phase three. Until then, take these with you. You will know what to do when the time comes.”


Emily was excited. She now spoke the higher dialect and her memory was, hopefully, going to be restored. She could still remember talking to Layla but before that – nothing. It occurred to her that phase three might be the point where she was going to learn more about her objectives and the Higher Order.

An hour later, Emily reached the river and the bridge but there was no sign of the man. She stood patiently under the bridge and suddenly felt the need to close her eyes. Instantly, a man appeared before her, his hand outstretched. Emily took a sphere from her pocket and gave it to him.

She opened her eyes. The man and the sphere had disappeared.



My goodness Ray, this chapter took my breath away. I was fully engaged and loved the storytelling...and the wonderful twist at the end. Congratulations on fabulous story telling!
Thank you. I hope all writers enjoy a Happy New Year and great strides forward in their writing.
Indeed, Suraya, this is exactly how I felt reading it! Breathtaking, fantastic, Ray!!!
I love what you have done with the plot. This is amazing! You work so well with this genre - this is brilliant!