Chapter 2

Being used as a wager in a poker game didn’t sit easily with Mary.  She knew her father loved her enough not to put her up as bait.  

“ You’re a liar!” She shouted back at him with her hands on her hips.

“My father loved me and your mother is a whore.”

Jake scratched at his front teeth with a toothpick then spat blood covered slime onto the ground.

"Easy little lady, we’ve got chores to do,” he whispered.

Mary turned her back  and strode over to Jake’s horse.   In one swift leap she sat high in the saddle.

Her hands pulled the reins back with confidence.

“I am 18.  You are 34.  I will never be your bride or your friend!”

 Mary’s heals dug into the flanks of the horse.  He didn’t move.

She dug her heals in more severely.  The horse stood there quite nonchalant.

Jake burst out laughing while looking on in a very relaxed manner. 

Mary climbed down and came to the front.  She gently took the large head into her hands and whispered into his left ear.  The horse’s ears pricked up.  He looked alert and was taken aback. Mary again leapt onto the saddle.

She wiped her dirty brow with the sleeve of her right wrist.

“This is my horse now.  I’ll see you in hell!” 

Again she dug her heals into the flanks while pulling back the reins.  He didn’t move one inch. 

Jake continued picking his at teeth, looking amusedly at Mary.

“Some aspects of living you need to learn about. That horse will only listen to me.”

Jake gave a high pitched whistle while looking at Mary.  The horse walked over to him and rested his huge head on Jake’s right shoulder while nudging his mouth into Jake’s jacket pocket.

Rubbing either side of the horse’s head, Jake reached in and fed the horse what little treats were left.

"Food is always your friend with animals Mary,” chided Jake.“Come on down to see me.”

Mary, always defiant and never one to give in, felt a flush come over her face.  Realising she had to stop being so stubborn, she started detaching herself from the saddle. As her right foot hit the ground, her left twisted in the stirrup and she fell face first into the dust.

Jake burst out laughing and moved towards his dishevelled potential bride.

He crouched down with an extended hand.

“No way,” Mary said as she spat dust from her mucky mouth.

“Alright,” replied Jake.

“Always here to lend a hand and not be in control.”

“I can find my own way in the world, fatty!” quipped Mary with a smile on her dirty face.  

As close as they were together, a huge amount of body heat built up between them.

Mary slung her arms around Jake’s neck and brought her right knee up swiftly to hit him fairly and squarely in the groin.


Well, this was an action packed chapter and very easy to visualise. Had the feel of a bodice ripper. This is a good chapter although I did wonder why the horse refused to move twice. We are never told.
Jake, being the owner of the horse, says he will only listen to me. That's animal control.
Thanks Angela. All any writer wants is a page turner. Didn't plan on writing Jake as he came out but I am always intent in keeping the story interesting. As Suraya says it's a bodice ripper. If you have a laugh that is my idea of a good world.