Chapter 2

Written by: MatClarke

Jason sat across from the lieutenant and again said he had arrived at Snohomish Exchange to keep an appointment with Whitehall.  

 ‘And if I told you Madison Whitehall hasn’t been seen since early February, you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?’ The lieutenant looked up at Jason then went back to scribbling on his pad.

    ‘No. Thought I spoke to Whitehall on the phone. Guess whoever it was lied.’

    The lieutenant grunted, got up, slid his chair back under the table and opened the door to the interrogation room.

    ‘You can pick up your car from impound.’


Jason walked out of the precinct and stood at the curb.

    The cops had already worked out that Al was one of the last people to speak to Whitehall--they didn’t know he was missing as well, at least not yet. They’d asked him how they could get a hold of the captain to question him, but Jason knew the captain became drunk and elusive after a voyage and wouldn’t help much.

    Jason decided he would head back to Snohomish Exchange to snoop about and check on their container. He wondered if the two toughs who’d hassled Whitehall months ago were still around.


A taxi pulled in outside the police station and sped away as soon as Jason sat down.

    Jason gave the driver the impound address, then checked his phone for emails.

    Curious, he noticed they were still heading west on South Jackson Street.

    ‘Do you know the way?’ Jason asked.

    The taxi turned right on Alaskan Way and increased speed.

    This wasn’t right.  Something was wrong. Jason pounded on the screen behind the driver but there was no reaction. He kicked the seat and put his knee deep into the driver’s back. The taxi swerved and crossed traffic, barely missing three oncoming cars. They mounted the curb at speed and crashed down, front wheels first. People screamed and ran from them as they skidded and swerved along pier 62. The driver opened his door and Jason heard the clattering of wheels on the wooden walkway. The driver rolled out. The car kept going.

    Jason watched in horror as the front end crashed into the barrier and skidded around into the fence before spinning over the edge.

    Tumbling sideways, Jason cracked his head against a window. The taxi plunged into the water. His body slammed against the roof as though he’d hit concrete.

He opened his eyes and swallowed some seawater, then choked.  

    Reaching for the broken side window, he cut his hands while struggling through the small break. His waist caught on a jagged edge. He pushed with all his strength, and then he was out.

                 He broke the surface and gasped. The sun blinded him. Something splashed near him, but it sounded muffled--his mind foggy.

Just as his eyes closed he wondered if he had just seen Christine.


Mat Clarke  (AUS)





More action and with it some of the most important ingredients for the thriller recipe - inner tension, thickening plot and a red herring (maybe). The reader is left to wonder what the hell is going on and eager to find out what happens to Jason next. Nothing will be what it seems until the climax at the end. Can't wait.
The taxi scene is the shining star of the chapter. I was exhausted and drenched in sweat by the time he got out of the crashed car. The description of the area was spot on. Great research, or have you been there? Then, what do you know... his old girl friend/bar buddy shows up. What really happened that night before he got to the ship?

The last sentence in the 2nd para "Jason told him he..." seems redundant.
Not sure how the last sentence in the 2nd para got there? It's not in my original text!
Raymond said he had some issues with my formatting, maybe it somehow doubled up?
Quite right, there were issues, nothing to do with Mat. Fixed it.
I'm having serious doubts if I'm going to be able to finish up this serial. :) The Joe & Matt has been fantastic.
One error I've picked up: "roof as though he he’d hit concrete." one too many he's in there :)
I think there has been a few formating/editing issues in this serial. It has been a learning experience.
Spot the deliberate mistake (ahem) - it shows some readers are getting sharper eyes. That's what comments are all about.
Another good end line for the next author to get on with. This good, lowrent nasty action happening