Chapter 2

Written by: Sumanda Maritz

  It had been seven months since I last heard that voice. The day that I told them I wanted to take a leave of absence. I just needed a break and a very long overdue holiday. Not that it meant that I never touched a computer in that time. Call it a busman’s holiday. In the IT field, you have to keep your hand in or you become obsolete in a matter of days. It helped that I finally had the time to devote to my pet project. Working three days a week gave me a break from creating a fool proof anti-hacking system with tracing and some nasty surprises for the hacker. It takes one to beat one.

 However, that single sentence phone call definitely changed everything. First of all I couldn’t decide if I could trust Mario’s declaration at all. I never really paid much attention to my grandfather’s failed business. It wasn’t discussed much especially since my grandfather committed suicide less than a year later.

Being a professional hacker has its benefits. I had everything at my disposal to find out the truth.

 The next morning I phoned Mario to tell him I had to go to Wellington to finalise my resignation at the global IT Company. I had decided to quit since I enjoyed the relaxed lifestyle I now experienced. I would be gone for the following week and I would only be back at the office once I returned.

 I did go to Wellington, but stayed in the secure estate that I always worked from when I was busy with a project for the Intelligence Bureau. I wasn’t quitting, just getting the facts before contacting my controller at the IB. Getting the public information on Mario was easy. But there were signs that the information had been changed at some point. This had me digging deeper into his life and using my skills to get to the real information.

 The first thing I found out was that he wasn’t really the grandson of my grandfather’s old partner, David Garner. David never had children due to adult onset Mumps. He did however have a sister who had five children. Things were still a bit murky regarding his true relationship with David.


And then it got weird.

 The information I had accessed before, disappeared and was replaced with new information. Now a full family history existed for Mario, with direct records to a daughter of David’s. I must have triggered a flag on his file for the information to be changed so quickly. The level of changes also indicated a very influential contact in the Government, or a hacker with serious skills.


Thank you Vatsal!
This is a chapter written by someone who has a lot of experience with IT. There's nothing here that says that but it's obvious and that is what makes it such a good and interesting piece of work. There is a lot of information here and yet it doesn't get bogged down into boredom. We know such a lot more about the main character and the cherry on top of the cake is the created mystery by one short sentence - 'And then it got weird.' Great chapter. Nice to see the return to serials of an old 'Minter.'
Thanks Ray, really glad you liked it.
Although I have to admit that I made a serious error with this chapter. I contradicted some of the history in Suraya's preface.
Ray, I've just reread your comment and realised that my husband would laugh his head off. In our family he is the IT genius and me merely the very unpromising apprentice.
This is a fabulous chapter and I couldn't find any deviation from the preface. You have given the character depth and built a very powerful story line. Fantastic!