Chapter 2

Written by: PriyaS

Robert couldn’t believe his ears. He turned his head to look at Jack’s face that betrayed no emotions. “That’s blackmail!” blurted Robert incredulously.

The possibility of encountering a corrupt cop had not entered Robert’s head when he was planning to get his hands on the ten million dollars without much trouble. But reading people wasn’t one of his strongest virtues. Now he had spread all his cards on the table, there was no way to take it all back.  

“Aren’t you being too greedy?” Robert asked when Jack didn’t answer. He felt a slight feeling of betrayal tugging at his heart. However, he knew money, or at least want of it, changed most people within moments. 

Jack derisively snorted in response after few seconds before adding, “Now that we are finally discussing these things, let’s not waste time over petty issues. Shall we?” He fiddled with his tumbler while looking ahead.

Robert once again looked at Jack’s face, but this time with barely concealable horror. What had he gotten himself into, he wondered. 

“This police business…let’s say isn’t that profitable. Sometimes I wonder what made me get into this mess,” Jack said dryly, still looking ahead as if remembering the insane moment that prompted him to take this job.

Robert sarcastically countered “So you came up with a better alternative and that was to blackmail innocent people under your protection.”

Jack smiled and shook his head slightly. His next words made Robert shiver with panic. “My terms are clear. Trust me, three million dollars is good enough amount to keep my mouth shut. It’s not as if you’ve even worked a day for them.” He paused for a second to take another sip from his tumbler before adding “I can always make enough money by telling someone about your exact location…three million dollars is nothing in comparison to what some people might pay for that information.”

Leaving Robert to weigh the repercussions of his discloser, Jack got up from his seat and walked away. Too stunned to say anything, Robert put his head in his hands, worrying over his future.

He explored his options. He could take Jack’s offer and hope blackmail ended right there. Or he could take the money, get out of the witness protection and start his life afresh someplace else. The Only problem was he wasn’t delusional enough to believe he’d be able to survive on his own, if the mob boss came after him.

“Four million…final offer!” Robert announced sternly, a new scheme taking shape in his head. Jack whistled, clearly pleased with the new deal. “Done deal!” He stepped over to Robert, his hand outstretched for a handshake.

All Robert had to do was to wait for the right moment and call his attorney friend back in New York, something he should have done before getting into the program.

Priyanka (IND)



Wow. Another writer making great progress as she books chapters regularly. Priyanka has a take on our characters and shows how she is inside their minds as they chew things over. Example - "Sometimes I wonder what made me get into this mess," Jack said dryly........ I can see a greedy and well seasoned cop and a naive vulnerable guy sparring in the first round, sizing each other up. This is just a five minute dialogue with hardly any action yet it holds the readers attention. I liked this.
Yes, Robert has quite a dilemma....a bent cop protecting him. Did I say protecting? I wonder what new scheme is forming in Robert's head. I loved the line....'but reading people wasn't one of his strongest virtues'. Oops...perhaps he needs to do a crash course. Very good Priyanka and well done.
Life is getting more difficult for Robert. Will those of us in the next few chapters be able to get him out of this mess? And a millionaire to boot!!