Chapter 2

Written by: PriyaS

Bishop frowned and heaved a sigh before moving towards the dead body. It was impossible to make out who it was as the head hung slumped down on his chest. The thought that it could be someone he knew prompted Bishop to move faster toward it, holding his breath.  

A closer inspection revealed that the body wasn’t anyone he knew. The wind whipped away the relieved whistle that escaped his lips. But the relief was short lived. A nearby thump had him on high alert. The wind dropped and an ominous quiet indicated that no-one was there except for himself and the dead man. 

Bishop kneeled to inspect the dead body. He cursed out aloud when he spotted a pool of blood sneaking past the body’s back. Someone had stabbed the man and left him in the sitting position with his back against the wall. 

A sharp noise from behind pierced Bishop’s troubled thoughts. He quickly turned around to locate its source. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that it was the radio, not some killer. Maybe Sherwin was trying to reconnect with him. He reached for the radio and heard Sherwin’s anxious voice “Bishop? Can you hear me?”

Holding the microphone tightly in his hands, Bishop said “There’s a problem. I’ve just found a dead body. Over.” His eyes were firmly trained on the dead man, his mind wondering how long it’s been there. It wasn’t stinking, yet, so probably not that long.

“What?” Sherwin shouted incredulously.

“And it’s not that old,” Bishop continued with his revelation uncomfortably. “I think our mission has been compromised. Someone knows!”

“Unlikely! Only us, Cromwell and Downs knew. That leaves you and me,” Sherwin reasoned, however, twinges of panic leaked through his voice.

Another crack set Bishop’s nerves on edge. The wind set the waves lunging against the rig. In the flash of lightning, Bishop thought he saw the shadow of a person and crouched against the wall. He held the microphone close to his mouth. He prodded the dead body with his foot.

“I can’t say who this is,” Bishop said.

A creak set Bishop on edge again. ‘There’s someone here,’ he whispered into the microphone. ‘Someone else knows.’

Sherwin didn’t comment. He’d put together the strongest, most reliable team. At least, that’s what he believed.

‘Who?’ Sherwin demanded

Their carefully constructed plan was threatening to unravel in a horrible way, Sherwin pondered. 

“You be careful.” Sherwin cautioned. “Find something to arm yourself with.’

Bishop’s eyes narrowed as he reached across to pick up a heavy steel bar.

Carefully Bishop put the microphone down. His chilled hands closed over the bar and he drew it toward himself.


A pair of green eyes, hidden by the shadows, carefully followed Bishop’s every move. The killer tightened his hold on the knife that still had blood strains on it. But he had to wait for his next orders.




Priyanka Sharma (IND)


Priyanka has written a chapter that adds more mystery to the story with just the right amount of tension. I am sure our next writer will have plenty to bite into.
Who is killing who on this boat? I' ll just have to invent the next part of it.
That's the mystery, Ken :-). It seems like you'd have to enlighten us all with your chapter. Looking forward to reading it.