Chapter 10

Written by: Ray Stone

Everything sounded normal. Muffled conversation, and music. 

His head had cleared in the last few minutes. The incident in Doctor Cavendish’s office made no sense. The confusion and misunderstandings faded from his mind as the subconscious murmurs returned.

Damon leaned against the car and took deep breaths. If he had figured things out properly, the key that had unlocked the sealed dark chamber, as he called the attic, would either provide an escape route or a terrifying dark nightmare; endless suffering that he would endure forever.

He held out a hand to catch some falling snow and smiled. The snow fell through his hand but landed on his foot. It puzzled him for a moment until he realised he had to reach the attic on his own to put things right. One chance was all he had. He stepped away from the car and took a few steps toward the hall and looking back, watched fascinated as his car faded into the night. 

A shaft of deep amber light lit up the path as the main Hall door swung open. Bella stood, giving Damon a little wave.

“I am so pleased you could come. I was afraid you might try to leave.”

Taking Damon’s hand, she led him into the main banqueting hall where guests were sitting at the long tables eating and drinking while the quartet played. 

“Hello, nice to see you again.”

Damon’s smile disappeared as he turned and looked at himself in the form of Doctor Cavendish. Before he could answer, Vanessa joined Bella at Damon’s side. Damon tried to control his shock. Vanessa had aged to an old lady.

“We know you are confused,” explained Vanessa. “You should not have been curious and entered the attic while I was trying to contact Bella.” She looked sideways at Bella. “She knows about Archie, and until I rid myself of the threat from my Great Aunt, he will wait in the crossover void until they can be together again.”

Damon was puzzled. “ I understand a little of the spirit world that I am assuming you all come from and why you are here, but that does not explain why a car fades away, or a hut disappears.”

The lights suddenly went out. In the blackness, Damon heard the crackling laugh of Elizabeth McGonagh.

“She will try to kill me,” whispered Vanessa.

Damon bounded for the stairs. The attic was the place to confront McGonagh and end her reign of terror forever. 

“You will never stop me.” McGonagh’s misty form greeted Damon. “You talk of the spirit world, but you are also in an alternative parallel world from which you will not escape.”

“No? Then try this.” Damon threw the open packet of sage Bella had given him in the dark, at the image, and it disappeared. As he turned, the figures of Bella and Archie stood hand in hand by the door, smiling.




You've woven all the threads together and the chapter flows beautifully. I loved the banquet hall. There are some lovely moments in this such as Damon reaching out to catch the snow. A really good way to end the serial which, from the start, was imaginative and creative.
Great effort Ray. Never easy to catch things going in different directions.