Chapter 10

Written by: Jasmine Groves

The pill lay nestled in the grass, no use to Alan now, as his feet turned towards the direction of Liverpool Street Station and he headed out of the cemetery. His pace was quick and robotic and Samantha had to jog beside him to keep up.

It was like watching her father on auto pilot, McCready seemed unfazed and had a smug expression on her face.

Pedestrians on the footpath started to thicken as they came closer to the station, Alan swept around them unfaltering in his step, his gait not slowing.

Through the pavement the vibrations of trains moving underground could be felt, looking up ahead was a wrought iron balustrade which indicated the stairs going down.

Alan ran his hand along the black iron as he started his descent, in an effort to be able to keep his movement fast without fear of falling.

Samantha was still only steps behind, breathless, with a sheen of sweat starting to spread across her brow. She looked over her shoulder  at McCready looking calm and relaxed.

Down and down they went, until they were three platforms underground, the smell of stale air, sweat and the fuel of trains was thick in the air. Multiple humans acting like zombies stood around on technology, unaware of the world around them, waiting for the train to take them on their way.

Rumbling vibrations, and the screech of breaks sounded all around them, Alan noticed none of this, his goal clear, unable or unwilling to stop.

His pace stayed the same and with the same long strides he was heading to the end of the platform. “You owe us this much,” sounded in his head as he stepped off the platform into the chasm above the rails, seconds before the train hit.

The ferocity of the train as it barrelled past wasn’t slowed by the impact of Alan. Samantha could only hear a blood curdling scream as she watched in horror. Bystanders were motionless like time had stopped, people were grabbing at Samantha trying to pull her away.

Earlier standing in the cemetery talking about her mother and the other with mauve hair, Samantha had thought she felt rage… that was nothing compared to what was bubbling in her now, that had been like a kitten playing with a woollen ball, what was building in her was rage like a dragon, about to burn villages with her fiery breath.

She turned to McCready, to be confronted with the same smug look, no remorse, just satisfaction. Her hand pulled back and fist clenched, before McCready could flinch, she was on the ground as hit after hit pummelled her.

Laughter sounded in Samantha’s ears, McCready spat out blood where her lip had split, locked into Samantha’s eyes all the while chuckling to herself. “It was a game! Alan lost that’s all. Now onto the next player.” With that she staggered to her feet and walked away.


Jasmine, I can hardly believe this is the same writer from a couple of years ago. What a conise, sharp incredible chapter that brings the reader right back to the start of the story by ending on the title. Brilliant!
The incredible build up of tension vibrated all the way through, getting stronger and stronger until the climax at the very end. I don't have to enquire - I am sure the first draft was written in no time at all. I sense the enthusiasm as fingers rushed urgently across the keyboard. A wonderful piece of work that captures the reader's attention - and makes them catch their breath. Fantastic chapter, Jasmine. Many congrats..