Chapter 10

Written by: Ken Burns


At our first face to face meeting Amy mentioned that we had common ground. The girls said I would like her. That had eased my tension. 

Now much more personal information had been delivered and it was not working for me. I felt awkward, clumsy and a bit taken advantage of.  While it was honest and open, I was never going to be a living replacement for dead Donny. 

Some people spend no time in getting a new one to love. Some take a long time. Some never get over it. I’m in that last category. This potential attachment to Amy was too soon for me. It was also too soon for my girls.

Amy had her soft hands clasped and her lovely eyes were filling up, inviting me inside her own head. I was not convinced about Amy but I was convinced about how to maintain my current mental equilibrium. 

I reached across the table and took Amy’s soft skinned face into my warm hands.

I could play this role with a certain amount of conviction.

“This new intimacy is not working for me,” I said in a confident way.

 “I want to stop it before it goes any further.” 

Amy was not taken by surprise. She knew internally where I was coming from. It was time for her to stop her part of this rapid emotional enticement.

‘Fair enough Lester,” came her slow calculated reply.

 “I thought I would get you close to me,’ she added with a long pause, “but you are more perceptive than I gave you credit for”.

I stared right into her eyes, her heart, her mind and gave a bit of a laugh. A huge wave of stress had been lifted from my shoulders.  I was relieved to be back on the real road to a happy life.

“Yeah, I’m not too dumb,” was my comeback delivered with some conviction. “See you at the next parent/teacher night.”

“I’m not going to stay at that school Lester.  I’m going to resign and start applying for jobs overseas. This little country is not working for me.”

“Good luck with the rest of your life,” I said with some genuine affection and a lot more relief.

We stared at each other for an interminable amount of time. She stood with her arms reached out. We embraced intimately.  Our preloved eyes were not glazed with tears. We kissed passionately but quickly. I knew what I said to end it all but there was a little bit inside asking if I had made a mistake.

Amy walked confidently away with the swagger of a contented woman. She never looked back. It was too late to go back on it with an ending like that. I had regained control of my life. That was one unruly attachment out of my life. 

Now I walked to the local pet shop to buy that puppy with the biggest eyes the girls had talked about forever.


This chapter resisted going for the traditional happy end. Instead it picked up on an earlier theme of the girl's wanting a puppy. That was perfect. This is a gentle, lovely serial that drew to a beautiful end while working through some amazingly complex issues. Great serial well ended.