Chapter 10

Written by: Ant Gavin Smits

The taxi driver eyed Hugo, questions in his eyes.

"As you wish."

Hugo didn't care about a damn taxi driver. He gave the mex a 'don't mess with me' stare.

It seemed effective. The antique Crown shot forward with a snort of blue-black exhaust as the driver floored the saloon in panic.

When Hugo wriggled the piece from his pants pocket to check how many rounds he still had, a ten came with it. Lucky boy. Hugo tossed the note onto the front passenger seat as the taxi swung into the cemetery entrance.

Hugo left the door wide as he ran up past the rusting gate towards the ring of mausoleums that circled the veterans’ lawn.  He heard the taxi squeal away.

In the hours since he'd discovered his parentage, Hugo had been thinking. Burying him alive made no sense until Momma Sciatazzi's fetish for the freshly dead had become obvious. Now he wanted to find out what other secrets were in that cemetery. Sciatazzi's family tomb was the biggest and grandest mausoleum in the place. Big enough to hide whatever anyone cared to, like some of the town's missing men.

Hugo knew he needed a new life somewhere else, and fast, but this detour had been too enticing.

A bullet took care of the lock.

It was cool and musty in the long space. He cursed a lack of lighting and left the door propped open. In the shadow of racked coffins, several cardboard boxes lay haphazardly.  There was even what appeared to be an open casket in the gloom ahead.

Hugo gulped and stayed close to the door. He pulled the nearest box closer; its damp cardboard gave way, spilling many small jewelry cases at his feet. He squatted to look closer, grabbing the first with a grunt of satisfaction. He had the stash of the Sciatazzis’.

Quickly, he grabbed more, sweating as he tried not to think about the rack of dead Dons, or whoever they were, whose death grimaces were only hidden by thin, peeling veneer. He shivered. He wanted to run from the place. He ripped open another cardboard box in a frantic search for something he could carry things in.

Hugo retched. He didn't want to think about all the dead folks. But he wasn't leaving before he got some reward for all the ill treatment.

In an instant he slumped forward onto the cold concrete, his skull rent by a long bar he hadn't heard descending.

Vivienne picked her way delicately past her goon, and looked down at him. "Dominic will be happy he didn't have to carry you up here." She turned to the dark-suited man.

"I'll send Joe to help. Find another coffin and stick him in it. Momma will be up later. She'll be furious he's already dead."

Vivienne turned, but one sheer black stocking snagged unnoticed; a drop of her blood fell on his congealing fluids.

Their DNA, at least, would sleep together.


 Anthony Smits (NZ)



An absolutely great ending. Anthony has, with a lot of creative flair, written an unexpected finale that makes the reader wonder what the hell is going on right up until the end. I love the drop of blood and mingling DNA - What a delicious way to go out!

As the British would say, smashing ending!

Thanks guys. Your opinion means a lot. It was a runaway racehorse story, gaining pace in each chapter. I wasn't sure if I could successfully rein it in within 500 words.
It is all about beginning, middle and end. That is a good way to finish what started as an everyday love story. Serials are exciting to be involved in. Great finish Anthony