Chapter 10

Written by: Jasmine Groves

Rashidi watched the departing figure and felt nothing but rage swirl within him.

“You said the mirror was taking over your life! I knew that it intrigued and entertained you but it was an object, so I had no fear, I thought you would come back to me.”

Alice took a frightened step backwards.

Rashidi continued, “It wasn’t the mirror after all that held your curiosity, it was a man, flesh and blood, full of lust.” He plunged at her, raising his hands to grasp at her throat.

Throwing herself backwards Alice felt herself spin and slam into the frame of the mirror. As she turned a chasm seemed to open and she was flying, free of weight through space.

Gunpowder made her nostrils flare and she shivered with fear. Her 21st century clothes were dirty where she had hit the ground and her hands matted with blood from the grazes she got on landing.

Through the bushes she could see a door, open just a gap. The thundering of cannons and bullets continued in the distance.

Afraid they may be closer, Alice dug deep, pushing her fear down. She edged up and around the bush fearfully looking every way she could.

Picking her way gingerly towards the house, she was soon upon the front door, she pushed it open slowly, hoping not to make a sound.

The hallway was dark and in front of her was a grand staircase, from a room upstairs she could hear a mewling sound of a baby and whispers.

Heading towards the staircase carefully taking a step at a time, only she could hear the occasional squeak of floor boards as she went. The raucous racket continued outside.

Reaching the landing she saw another door slightly ajar. Following the whispers she carefully made her way towards it.

Peering through the slit of the opening, she could see Emma, glowing in the aftermath of birth, looking in pure love at the man who had his back to Alice. The man with one hand held the tiny fingers of the baby, while his other traced tear tracks down Emma’s cheek.

“I came, I moved heaven and earth and I am sorry I missed the birth – but nothing could keep me away from you… my love… my clever love who has given me such a beautiful gift”.

Alice recognised the voice. Fear and heartbreak shot through her – Oliver. He was here, with Emma.

A gasp slipped through her lips, Oliver turned towards her, first without comprehension of who she was. Then a darkness swept over his face.

“I never wanted you Alice – you shouldn’t have come,” Oliver was flatly stating.

At the same time Emma was distracted by the mirror on the wall. It was swirling and a face appeared.

The image of Rashidi filled the mirror and his distant voice said, “Alice you were everything to me, yet you cast me aside.”

The mirror turned red and Alice could hear a spooky chuckle. “Alice, alone at last!”