Chapter 10

Written by: Lrennes

There was a time when I didn't think I was mad. Turns out I am.


But it's not my fault. It never was. I'm sure there are those who will say I'm responsible for my actions. That blaming society and others is just a cop out from a man who doesn't want to accept responsibility. But in my case it really is true. This smug little cop sitting beside me, for example, it's his fault I want to punch him in the head. It's Sheila's fault for being such a tease. I'm glad her husband's jaw is broken, means he won't be able to open his mouth any time soon. That's one less trigger I don't need. 


The doctor's come back. He's standing at the end of the bed examining and flipping pages on a clipboard, occasionally scribbling here and there. “This is your prescription. I'm also recommending you for psychiatric evaluation...”


“What? Why? I don't need it,” I cut him short. I'm not the one who needs to be evaluated. Everyone else does.


“Oh, I beg to differ...” He wouldn't even look at me. “I have a nurse with a black eye who would disagree with you as well. There's a reason you're not free to move.” He points towards the handcuffs, still not taking his eyes off his precious clipboard. 


Did I hit a nurse? Ah well, I'm sure she had it coming. 


I want to get out of here. Not that I have a job to get to. I won't miss those torturous red things, and while I guess I should start hunting for another job, I want to get back to taking care of my other business. I had some revenge to plan, my shoulder hurt like hell. Sheila's husband and his ridiculous sob story. I wish I hadn't been fooled by it. That loser got all the attention. I needed to give him some of my own.


“Fine, when can I get out of here then? I've got things to do.”


Why won't he even look at me? Who the hell does this pompous, pretentious doctor think he is? He thinks he's better than me. 


“Well, I can release you when that shoulder shows improvement. But, I don't know where you'll head to from there. I'm afraid you'll need to speak to him about that.” He pointed to the police officer.


“Him? Why?”


“Why do you think? It's not normal to wake up in a hospital handcuffed to a bed, Mr. Sengupta.”


The cop's looking at me with that dopey look on his face. He's goading me. 


“You've committed a few crimes, Mr. Sengupta. Aggravated assault isn't something we take lightly. Not to mention all the other things we have you on suspicion of. Stalking, harassment, destruction of private property, you get the picture.”


This little punk seems pleased with himself. Never mind, I'll just add him to my list. It's getting longer. Looks like I'm going to have some time to figure it out.  



I thought your ending was hilarious. I love the way he justifies all his bad behaviour using his madness. And the way he added another 'victim' to his list of people who don't realise how 'right' he is and how 'wrong' they are. Loved it!