Chapter 10

Written by: Sumanda Maritz

“I found myself as a child,” Masterson’s usual humorous tone sounded serious. Bret jerked back his hand. Masterton was solid and seemingly unchanged. “Listen, Bret, we don’t have much time and a lot to do,” he sounded much more like the commander of the Galileo than before, only serious.

“Damn, I just thought I was the only human left around here,” Bret quickly filled in Masterson about what happened since he left the Galileo. “So, what did their invasion do to you?” Bret couldn’t contain his curiosity. 

Masterson told him about the beach and everyone living the ideal life of centuries before. His humour returned as he gave a few pithy comments on sea water and sand in uncomfortable places. Bret relaxed as he realised that this was definitely the Masterson he knew and not an alien copy.

Masterson turned serious again as he described meeting himself as a child. The moment that he grabbed his younger self by the arm, the virtual world he was in disappeared and he found the truth about the aliens. “Bret, JAGER lied, these things are parasites that consume the bodies of their hosts as an energy source. But you have found their weakness! If they like resonance so much it’s only logical that they cannot stand dissonance.” Masterson’s suddenly grinned his most mischievous grin. “You think we can pull-off one of our drunken duets without the booze?”

Bret started laughing just as JAGER’s form started to materialize behind him. Masterson grabbed Bret and pulled him next to himself. “I don’t know if we can still save the remaining crew,” said Masterson as he looked at the remaining seven black boxes. “But I believe it’s time for us to start singing for our not becoming supper.”

Bret launched into a rendition of one of their drinking songs. Masterson joined him and added burps, screams and obnoxious noises to it. Bret followed suit as their song visibly upset the more solidly appearing JAGER. They moved as fast as they could and touched each black box in turn. Forms appeared from the boxes. JAGER started to flicker through various figures as their song became more absurd. All the crew captured in the boxes were now solid, but their time spent inside showed them as aged individuals, old beyond their time. “Join us!” Masterson screamed at them while JAGER disintegrated into individual particles. The crew croaked out various sounds. 

Masterson marched over to the dimensional converter. He screamed his decidedly un-harmonic song directly into it. The effect was immediate. JAGER exploded into a light-show that dissolved completely. Further out in space another light-show erupted. The dimensional converter sputtered and collapsed into nothing.

All of them sagged laughing hysterically. 

With the old crew members’ help, they jerry-rigged what they needed. They re-established communications with moonbase and waited for rescue.

“Ah shit, Bret! You do know that no one is ever going to believe this, right?” the complaint in Masterson’s voice sent Bret into hoarse peals of laughter.


This was a clever end to this story. What a great solution to have parasites eat their hosts and solve the problem of the parallel universes and people and to destroy the aliens who like resonance by giving them dissonance....perfect. Your creative imagination is inspiring Sumanda.