Chapter 10

Written by: Sumanda Maritz

Gary’s head began to clear. Strands of red hair irritated his wide frightened eyes as Shirley leaned forward, her distorted face just inches from his. He looked from her to the trembling hand that held the hypodermic. A small amount of light blue liquid glowed as a shaft of bright sunlight filtering through one of the dirty windows reflected off the plastic chamber.  The needle hovered just above his arm. He looked back into Shirley’s eyes and tried to speak but it was no use. All he could manage were a few unintelligible sounds.

From outside the window he heard the distinctive high pitched screech of an eaglet from the top of a nearby fir. From within himself he felt a fast staccato beat against the wall of his chest. He tried to pull his hands free again but the knot had tightened. One foot, however, had come free although he still couldn’t do much more than lift it a little. Still the needle hovered midair.

Gary’s body shook involuntarily as Shirley sat upright and gently traced her fingers across his forehead. Saliva gathered at the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin before dripping into his face. Her eyes closed and he watched horrified as the hand holding the hypodermic was lowered and came to rest across his chest, the needle almost touching his skin. Straining with all his strength, he raised his head and managed to open his mouth wide enough to utter a distorted scream. Shirley remained motionless, her eyes still closed. Gary settled back. His head was clearing and he tried making sense of the situation.

Shirley promised not to do anything so stupid again after Michael died.  She had tried to overdose on sleeping pills. Their lives became strained and eventually they grew apart. That was when he found out she was hearing the boys.

He pulled on the cord tying his other foot and felt the cord come free as Shirley raised her hand from his chest. Her breasts heaved as she breathed in. A loud piercing scream filled his ears as the raised hand readied to strike. With a gasp, Gary drew both legs upward. His knees struck Shirley’s back, toppling her sideways. There was a thud followed by a crash of glass as the coffee table fell over. Then silence.

Gary looked sideways and could just make out a leg showing from beneath his line of vision.  Protruding from the thigh, the hypodermic stood out at an angle from it, circled by a small smudge of blood.

“Shirley, I know why you tried to stop Jason from going with me,” he called. “You cut the brake pipe and killed him. It wasn’t an accident. He died in the fire.”

There was no reply. He shivered as a cold draft blew across him. Desperate, he struggled with the rope tying his hands and began to cry.

‘Daddy, Daddy, Here We Lie, You’re The One Who Made Us Die’. 




Well at last we have closure - or have we? Paranormal is a hard genre to write and participate in and everyone has their own take on it. Like writing a love story, it's all about emotion and tension.
And another change in style. Amazing the way we slow down, speed up, change our points of view, etc.
Ok, so I wasn't exactly sure on why the needle had so much attention and also tension. From what I understood the needle was only going to help with Mr small becoming Mr big?
Well, no matter. It still allowed you to write a climax for the ending (pardon the pun).
Again, I was thrown on how it would end, but the writer should be allowed to write it anyway they like, so, nice one!
Revenge can be sweet but it didn't work that way this time. Writers from around the world have brought different perspectives to tie this story together. Good finish Sumanda. It was completely unexpected.