Chapter 10

Written by: Jasmine Groves

Sarah couldn’t rest, she knew Nigel meant well but with Diandra’s blood curdling screams she couldn’t stay still. Diandra had done many terrible things, unspeakable almost, but did anyone deserve the fate she was about to endure?

Her weary muscles relaxed back into the bed as Sarah’s mind worked on a solution. She could feel Nigel’s frown even with her eyes closed. The doll was lying gently against her hand, making its presence felt.

Diandra had plotted to cause her pain, to destroy her and yet she couldn’t feel any anger towards her best friend, memories of the time the two of them spent floated through her mind.

Nigel thought her knowledge of the dark arts was limited, little did he know that growing up in Diandra’s shadow Sarah had picked up more secrets than was good for her. Sarah also knew of Nigel’s deep affection for her.

While she knew she loved Nigel it was like the love she felt for a friend, special, but not necessarily forever. What she felt for Diandra was much deeper, almost like blood – distance, disgrace and disappointment couldn’t make her feelings or regard waiver.

The conundrum was that someone needed to die, the laws of voodoo were clear on the matter and while Sarah wracked her brain one thought kept circling around.

No matter who went, the effects would be devastating. It would be like throwing a stone in a pond sending ripples out forever, affecting friends and family.

A scratching sound distracted Sarah from her thoughts. She opened her eyes and looked at the doll by her side. It was quite an innocuous, innocent looking object really, a person passing it by would never imagine the havoc it could cause.

Silver glinted off its body where the pin was pushed in, the same place that Sarah could imagine Diandra was feeling the pain. Raising her eyes to Nigel she could see he was deep in thought.

“Nigel I think I could rest a little.” She looked meekly up through her eyelashes. “If you could get me some chilled water I think I could almost relax.”

His gaze rested on her. Without a word he nodded and made his way to the door. As he opened the door the screams seemed even louder.

The sounds of Diandra’s pain pushed Sarah into the action her own mind had resisted. Sarah scooped up the doll and raised it to the height of her eyes.

Sighing, she quickly removed the silver pin. As she plucked it from the doll, she heard the thudding sound of a body dropping. She could hear Nigel’s footsteps getting closer. She had to act quickly.

Pushing the pin hard against herself, it broke her flesh and entered her heart – the curse was now split in two. Her last thought as the darkness came was walking hand in hand with Diandra.

A scream of anguish left Nigel’s lips as he opened the door and saw her dead body.


Your chapter rounded the story off and gave the title extra meaning. The end was a good surprise. It could have so easily saved Sarah and had her and Nigel live happily ever after. Great that you resisted that temptation.