Chapter 10

Written by: Lrennes

It was getting dark now.


Sitting in the car as my ‘escort’ drove me to wherever my destination was, I tried to piece together all the strands of the web which had culminated in me being here.

It was hard. Really hard.

The last time I had seen Angel - or the ‘Asphalt Angel’ as she’d come to be known – was at her funeral, at Emily’s funeral. She had earned her moniker due to the tragic means by which she had died; killed in a car crash by one of her best friends.

But now she was alive. And apparently, so was Emily.

Or was she?

Ralph seemed to think he’d found her body. Who to believe?

I couldn’t understand why she was saying that Emily needed to be protected from me. I would never harm her. Was it something to do with the mob?

It couldn’t be. I had only come in to contact with them after the funeral. They had contacted me out of the blue with an offer, an offer which admittedly was… less than legally ideal. It involved running diamond shipments and exchanging them for whatever payment had been promised: Drugs, cash, weapons, I never asked. It was an easy way to finance myself while I investigated the cold case. Though there hadn’t always been a lot of investigation to occupy my time, clues were often few and far between.

But now I wondered if it was no coincidence that they had come to me.

And Tom, he had been involved the whole time? Had he conspired with Angel to fake her death? And Emily’s death? If she was even dead.

It was all too much. A wave of doubt crashed over me.  Not doubt about any particular fact, I was beginning to give up on those, rather, doubt that I possessed the necessary cognitive skills to make sense of it all. It was getting ridiculous.

‘Forget it. I give up. I’m done with it all,’ I thought. It was kind of liberating, in a way.

We rounded a corner. Up ahead were stationary cars, facing us and blocking the road. Angel slowed the car and came to a stop. She got out and walked over to speak to someone. Rain fell on the windshield making it hard to see who was out there. It seemed whoever ‘they’ were had arrived.

I didn’t really care who ‘they’ were anymore.

Angel came back and leaned into the car. She looked sad.

“It’s time to get out of the car,” she said before she closed the door.

Fair enough. I opened the door, and stood, squinting through the rain into the headlights, trying to focus my eyes on who it was confronting us.

I didn’t see the gun go off. I didn’t see the direction it came from, let alone who fired it. But I felt it.

And now I’m on the ground. It hurts, it’s probably easier this way. It’s liberating, in a way.


It’s getting darker now.


In some ways this serial became a little confusing at times and I think Lrennes has done a magnificent job in 'piecing together all the strands of the story.' I like the ending as the mystery about the girl dies with the character. Nice job.