Chapter 10

Written by: Jasmine Groves

Lucy re-entered the club, after all she was left with little choice. Without a job she couldn’t save to go to New York and living with Toby was an incredible strain.

She felt stiff in her left side from being hit by Lance’s car, but thankfully there was no bruising or grazes visible, even in the short skirt.

Wobbling her way to the bar in her Jimmy Choo’s she leaned over to get the bartender’s attention. “Laura sent me, says I need to work here.”

The guy behind the bar lifted an eyebrow and folded his arms before looking at her with disdain. “I don’t think this is your type of gig.”

“That may be, but I am sick of being locked in a cupboard at my uncles, I just lost my job, got hit by a car, got hired again, had a makeover and now I’m here. So, give me the gig… oh and when do I get paid?”

“Quite the year you’ve had,” he replied cynically.

She harrumphed. “Year? That wasn’t a year that’s just today.”

“Tell you what kiddo,” he whispered unfolding his arms and leaning closer. “This isn’t the gig for you. You seem sweet. You must owe Laura though if she's making you work here. If I were you, I’d go to the closest bank, borrow some money and buy your way out of her debt.”

Frustrated, Lucy leaned in mimicking him. “I can’t go to the bank. I’m not going home and I need to save so I can go to New York.”

He swore under his breath. “I don’t think you realise what kind of establishment this is, nice girls from good homes don’t come and work here.”

Lucy raised her puzzled eyes to meet the chocolate brown eyes  focused on her. 

“How much have you saved to get to New York?” 

“$300 quid,” Lucy looked up with a pained glance, “that won’t even cover the flights let alone setting myself up there”.

“Tell you what, I’ll pay Laura back and I will chip in to get you settled in New York.” 

“Why?” Lucy gasped.

“You remind me of my little sister,” he said, and throwing a leather jacket to her he leapt over the bar. “Coming? We may as well go now, after the day you have had you will be keen to start your new life.”

An hour later Lucy was in the airport terminal as her flight was called. She had no possessions with her and she didn’t care, she had a purse full of cash from her new bartender friend.

Making her way onto the plane she noticed someone had taken her window seat and leaning over the stranger, who was looking out the window, she tapped him on the shoulder.

Familiar eyes turned towards her, quickly looking her up and down. “Well, Lucy, I never thought I'd see you again,” Trent smiled.