Chapter 1

Written by: danaesidh
The pin twisted as it slid in, it twisted in the grip. It wouldn't go straight. It determined to be difficult.
The pin was well aware of its use. Now awakened, ensorcelled and instructed. It twisted as it slid in, knowing a life twisted with it.
The pin was from a large batch of iron that had made fine steel. It was proud of its qualities. It knew that only the best iron could be magical. It knew its affinities with other good iron in its neighbourhood. A piece of steel it enjoyed was a pair of skates; not the skates of the girl who woke it, her's were dull. The pin liked being near the skates belonging to the girl it had to harm.
The pin liked the precision of these skates; it loved how they felt as they raced across the rink in rehearsal. This feeling was only possible by the skill of the girl who wore them. If this girl couldn't skate, those skates would be bereft. 
The pin felt torn; obey instruction or protect its crafted steel companion. What could it do with precision while obeying instruction? It twisted.
The pin twisted away from causing lethal harm to the girl with the skates. Yes it would hurt her, those were its instructions, but she would recover and fly on her skates again.
The pin twisted as it slid out. It pricked deep the finger of the girl who woke it, who sang to it, who directed it to hurt. The girl cried out, then smiled and wiped her blood on the doll, thinking it would magnify her spell.
The pin knew it had broken the girl's focus, reducing the malice. Touching her blood gave the pin power; more power than piercing a doll. Whatever the girl who desired harm wished for, was sporing into that wound.
The pin knew there was nothing it could do for the other girl now beyond diverting further strikes at the doll.
The pin used the power it had been given, consciously, unconsciously and accidentally to hem new outcomes for the girl who sang to it. 
The pin knew the dreams that the girl had; to skate away from all that she felt was wrong with her life. The girl had told them when she sang her spell. There was applause, wealth, celebrity, glamour and copulation. There was much less practice, focus, and joy in skating. Once there had been, but envy had eaten most of that.
The pin sang to the green-eyed girl's blood. "Take her dreams and make them shadows, take her words and make them echoes, take her fears and make them true." Every evening as the girl readied for bed, every morning as she started her day, the pin sang to the green-eyed girl's blood.
The pin entered the girl's mind singing, it knew all the comforts her mind could offer.
The pin twisted as it slid in.


What an imaginative way to approach this chapter. I love the twist - like the twist of the pin and the twist in the story.
Tremendously creative and so unexpected! Loved it!