Chapter 1

Written by: Suraya Dewing

Samantha stared at the man with the eyebrows arching away from his nose as if he had been surprised by someone or something. Yes, definitely her father. Few people had a beard as thick as his or as well groomed. Her breath was coming in sharp gasps and her chest hurt. She wanted to run to him but her feet suddenly felt as though they were anchored to the shiny cream and grey tiles. Mauve lights above reflected in the burnished floor and bathed people in its warm glow. Their shapes shuddered in the uncertain light. Below her she could hear another train glide into the station and the doors squeak open.

A body banged into Samantha and sent her black leather bag sliding across the polished surface.

Samantha spun around to face the person and gaped. It was the woman with the mauve tinted hair. A surge of animosity rushed through Samantha.

Why would anyone put that odd colour in her hair and mix it with a pleated tartan skirt, black patterned tights and creased white cotton top? Then add a fur stole that reminded Samantha of moth balls. The woman carefully pulled her pristine, long white gloves over her multi coloured crimson and black nails. The thought that the woman had mixed her fashion decades slid in and out of Samantha’s mind. It was most unusual.

 “Why don't you use your eyes?” Samantha snapped.

The woman apologised with a wave of her hand and an enigmatic smile. Then she tottered off in her red high heels. Aghast, Samantha followed her progress towards her father. The woman went up to him, lifted herself on her tip-toes and kissed him on the lips. She looped her arm through his and, after casting a smile at her, they both walked away, his grey gabardine coat ruffling with each step.

Scooping up her bag, Samantha chased them, pushing through the thick crowd first one way and then another. Passengers grumbled as she sent them off balance. 

She glanced up at the huge analogue clock with its hands facing to the seven and the three – 7.15pm. Jeremy would be wondering where she was. But she had to find her father and the lady who met him. 

With renewed energy she shoved through a fresh wave of buzzing travellers. This time they were coming into the city to go to a show or some other entertainment and their clothes reflected this… fashionable designer outfits or casual jeans. Everyone was laughing loudly, joking with each other, teasing and lightly punching friends as if to say, stop kidding me.

She came to the iconic brick arch leading out into the city. Frantically, she looked in all directions. There they were. Walking up the street, arm in arm, mauve head bobbing above everyone else’s and his brown hair, short and parted on the side.

“Dad,” she screamed, wildly waving. “Stop!” 


Well, this story has got off to a tense start and we certainly know what everyone looks like. Characters are 3D and the storyline is ready to reveal a kitchen soap drama or a deep mystery. Whatever way it goes, I'm sure it will be a winner. Bags of description and the questions are mounting up. Nice chapter, Suraya.
Lots of mystery and unanswered questions! Love this! Great chapter, Suraya.
Thank you Ray and Rosemary. I've just caught up with this serial and appreciate your comments.