Chapter 1

Written by: Abhimanyu

The officers frowned, more towards each other.

“How do you know it was green?” asked the cop again but Lea had already started backtracking, murmuring to herself in shock.

“The dream, the dream...”

The officers didn’t follow Lea but they did exchange a let's keep an eye on her nod.


The clients were informed about the tragic incident, meetings were postponed and the office was closed.

Lea was oblivious to the painful grumble of her over-revved VW Golf that begged her to shift from third to fifth. Her peripheral vision was on point but her focus was blurry. Her eyes were on the road and she didn't see the white car in the rear view mirror.

Visions from the dream danced in front of her eyes, blade and silhouettes, only this time the victim had a familiar face. She needed a smoke, she needed wine and she needed her blanket.

The car turned right at high speed and swayed towards the wrong side, almost ramming into an oncoming motorcycle.

“Get your shit together, Lea!” She jerked her head. “Just one more turn and we are there. Calm down.” She inhaled deeply. The road became visible. So did the white car in the rear view mirror.

Lea took the turn and eased into the less crowded lane. That’s when the sleuth side of her brain whispered inside her skull 'is that car following me?'

Lea let the pedal under her right foot go, the white car didn’t overtake but slowed down instead. 'Yes it is! Not a cop car, then who the hell is it?'

She stopped outside her house and so did the follower, maintaining healthy distance. Lea barged inside her house, locked the door and drew the curtain of the window with her index finger. Gap wide enough to accommodate one eye, she peeked outside, to a shock.

A man wearing green hoodie, grey track-pants and white sneakers was checking for incoming traffic as he closed in on Lea’s house.

'Shit, shit, shit.' Her hands trembled as they searched for her cellphone in her handbag. Before her fingertips could make contact with the sleek device, steely knuckles made contact with her wooden door.

Her viscera vibrated with every knock. Lea, with a thumping heart, placed her eye on the peephole. Even through the absurdity that a fisheye lens presents, Lea could clearly see that the hooded man was tall, he was big. He knocked again, harder.

The sight of figures walking on the road through the peephole pumped mad courage through her veins. She opened the door and made sure that the pedestrians heard her voice.


The man didn’t say anything but raised his hand and revealed his palm, with Julia’s pen drive on top.

'The jogger,' whispered the sleuth side of her brain.

“I saw the green trunk…” said the young man in a deep twenty year old voice.

“I know. The cops told me.”

“…in my dream,” he completed with fearful eyes.






Excellent chapter as usual Abhimanyu. I love your style of writing and how you keep the reader guessing as to what will come next. This always keeps the interest up. The pacing of the chapter is also great.

Congratulations on a great job!
Wow Abimanyu. That chapter had me on a wild ride. Your description of Lea as she realised she was being following and the surprise at the end. Fantastic.
The way you repeat the word 'blurry' in the fifth paragraph is powerful and it reinforces her vision problems. That was innovative.
:) :) Honestly, I don't know what to say. Thank you so much ladies, you have always been a huge support. :)