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The Story Mint Newsletter | June 2014
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Newsletter August 2014

Hi everyone,
Thank you for following the The Story Mint.
The Story Mint is flying. Literary Agents are approaching our writers, our community is growing and our participating writers are writing amazing chapters. The Style Guide™ has educators supporting it and we are invited to join a trade delegation.
We also offer a very special welcome to all the students from India. Enjoy using the Style Guide™ and getting involved in our other activities.
Students: Details of our first monthly competition is on Facebook. Prizes from Amazon and you can enter a draw to get published.


Latest News

Literary agents are approaching our writers based on the work they see on the Writers’ Pad. This proves the value of show casing your work in progress.

And also:
  • Two new Language Schools of more than 50 students are testing The Style Guide™
  • Over 16,000 people read our blog and serial chapters

There is a lot going on so keep in touch and enjoy sharing our future.


What people are saying

For those who are still wondering how they could use The Style Guide™, here’s some brilliant feedback we got recently from a PhD student:
I used the Style Guide™ for my PhD thesis and I must admit, it was really helpful using the grid as a benchmark to assess the quality of my writing style. Highly recommend.’ Mack Saraswat.Lifeonics. com
Tell us what you think about our little community of writers and concept, we’d love to hear from you.



Moving Forward With

One of the world's largest educational publishers is interested in the Style Guide™ so watch this space to find out who is about to join The Story Mint adventure.
On the other, hand an Asian Trade Delegation has invited The Story Mint to join them. More details in the coming months.
We’re also moving forward with PATS India who sells exam support products to schools in India and the Middle East. The new school year is underway and The Story Mint is one of the products they are promoting. Thanks PATS India.


What’s hot with the Serials?

What’s In There? is underway. 
The Fayre finished with a flourish. Rose and Jack go to the wraith. The giant hawk circles and Brian leads them into a secret cave….
WeiJia has posted the first chapter for Cold. An attack in an alley, a Glock and who is Ned?
Cut Away Pass is filling fast. Are you up for the challenge?
If you have a starter you would like us to consider, send it to our serials manager, Mary-Liz Corbett. They can be up to 500 words long and in any genre except erotica.


Writing Competition

Congratulations to Leif Rennes. His chapter four for Illusion has won July’s writing competition. Our judges said ‘His chapters link all the earlier information and carry the story forward while giving the ending a surprise twist.
Next month’s competition
Write a short story on an item of clothing. Story length: 2,500 words. Our past winners have really been given a writing boost when they have won. Will you be next?


Fabulous reading on the Writers’ Pad


Necessary Evil by Dana Cariola is full of action and visual. It is fantastic reading. The poems submitted by Gabrielle Burt are also beautiful and thought provoking.

A chat about books

 A Review of Tokyo Curry by Simon Angelo
Tokyo Curry is a dazzling fast-paced crime thriller combined with a humorous tone. Simon Angelo’s first novel is the story of a teenage boy, Rhys, and his father, Derek, who wants the best for his son.
He is a victim of bullying at school and his father is an outcast because of his strange theories on the world economy. Rhys leaves the school and takes revenge by hacking the bank account of the bully boys but he is caught. To avoid going to jail, he has to work with an eccentric American/Japanese cyber crime investigator, Mike Deng, who is facing an unsolved mystery in Japan. The two uncover widespread corruption and find out about Bacopolus, a greedy businessman who gains his wealth through hacking banking systems and killing those who stand in his way.
Angelo masterfully depicts the complicated but supportive father - son relationship. Not only do we follow the adventurous journey of Rhys and Derek, but we also care about them and want to see them succeed. I very much enjoyed how Derek continuously attempted to prove himself to his son and to overcome his past failures and misfortunes.
The novel seems long but never bores the reader as suspense is handled very well. Angelo artistically uses his knowledge of Japanese culture to describe its people and their interactions and make the adventure tangible.
The ending is very satisfying as goodness is rewarded and justice is done. Despite bullies and difficulties, Rhys can date the girl he loves, Kelly, with confidence and begin a new life.
 Another 5 out of 5 stars in my list and look forward to reading Angelo’s next novels.
Azadeh Nafissi | Screenwriter/Filmmaker (Paris)  


Our Favourite Blogger for this Month!

We are delighted to introduce Leif Rennes, our latest blogger. His first blog asks ‘Should Israel be immune from Criticism? This is getting a record number of views. His latest blog on Why Kim Dotcom should go is well argued as it also discusses the lack of ethics behind distributing copyright material without paying royalties.
Leif is a regular contributor to our serials as you might have read. His comments about our website are very  encouraging:
‘The Story Mint is giving me a forum to explore my ideas and develop my writing. It’s outstanding to be part of such a progressive site.’

Some quick tips on writing

Some quick hints on writing

  1. Never be afraid to hit the delete button. Make sure every word is the right word and that it adds to the story.
  2. Only use long words if they fit the character or writing style. Simple and accessible is always best.
  3. Front load your sentences. That is put the key information at the start.

Above all have fun. If you’re not having fun the reader will sense your mood.

Writing "Meetup" this month

Here’s a selection of events, writers and readers could be interested in attending this month:
1. Introducing The Story Mint hangout | If you write serial chapters, post work on the Writers’ Pad, have published a book or just want to meet to talk about writing, join the Story Mint Hangout. We are going to video you reading your writing and record discussions for posting on You Tube. To take part, set up a Google + account and contact Ray Stone. He and Azadeh Nafissi will be setting up the Hangouts.
2. The South Auckland group | the group meets monthly at the Sir Edmund Hillary Library, Papakura. For more details contact Althea Barr Ph: 266 6442 or email

3. Auckland Writers | Sat 16 Aug, 7PM: Scriptwriters/Screenwriters/Playwright­s' Meetup - Writing a play, a movie script, a TV script, any kind of script or interested in trying? Come and meet, hang out and talk with others about the trials and joys Learn more | Sun 17 Aug, 1PM: Central Auckland Regular Meetup” - Let's talk about writing! This is a smaller meetup to chat about our writing experiences and give feedback on each other's work Learn more | Thur 28 Aug, 6.30PM: Let's Write, Writers!” - Let's spend some time writing, surrounded by other writers writing! The idea is, we meet at the cafe, bring along whatever we're working on at the moment, and just write... Learn more | Sun 31 Aug, PM: “Central Auckland Regular Meetup” – Learn more.

4. Auckland’s Ageist Book Club | Fri 15 Aug, 8PM: “We're a ladies-only book and social club. We're an ageist bunch and welcome twenties to early thirties. We meet on the last (or first!) Friday of every month (roughly) to discuss the current book.”  For details contact Eva Urlwin.
At last but not least, this week we’re helping The Melbourne Writers’ Social Group to gain a bit of exposure. The group is an expanding network of people covering the entertainment industry. If you have a creative streak (or want one) you're welcome. Directors, producers, publishers, set designers, graphic designers, bloggers, actors, etc. are also welcomed. This group aims to cultivate an atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to explore their passion, improve their craft, learn about their trade, and to do so in a supportive social environment. Visit their Facebook page to become a fan.

If you'd like to see your event featured in this section, please contact:

We’d like to suggest a new section to our newsletter which provides useful website addresses to our community of writers.

Angie's Diary is so full of information it is worth a second visit. Take a look at their writing competitions. There are four in the year coinciding with the seasons. Angie’s Diary also features Books of the week

Find another website suggestion next month. If you have any you’d like to recommend, we welcome your ideas

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