Chapter 9

Written by: E L Russell

Shirley danced into the room as if the laws of gravity no longer bound her.  Her singsong cadence and childish smile disturbed Gary.  He could not imagine what she was up to now.  “Darling, we are going to play a very special game.  It will be so much fun!  This game has a wonderful prize and everybody wins.  I’ll be right back, honey.”

She left the room jiggling the same silly dance she entered with. 

Pain washed over his body in waves, mixed with anger and resentment.  He tried to move, to get away but his body’s only response was more pain.  Exhausted, he gave up and let his body sink into the couch.  He cried in tearless anguish and waited with trepidation.

Shirley burst back into the bedroom humming a tune she had taught the boys only weeks before their deaths and exclaimed, “The boys are so clever, Gary.” She sat on the edge of the couch and patted his chest. “Don’t worry, we have a perfect game….. but it’s not really a game.” Her voice again belied a child’s innocence and joy but her eyes were large with maniacal desire. “Everything will be wonderful again.”

Invisible hands took hold of each ankle as she spoke. Gary forgot his pain. He tried to pull his legs free. The hands were too strong. He looked to Shirley for help and tried to speak. His voice turned to a wet, incoherent babble. His mind screamed, Shirley! Help me! Can’t you see what they’re doing?

Indifferent to his fear, Shirley continued to sing. She replaced the twins grip on Gary by tying his ankles to the end of the couch, and then tied his wrists together.  Fear again engulfed Gary.

Standing, she began to undress and spoke to the boys sternly, “Michael, Jason, go finish your lunch, I’ll be down later.”

Ignoring the pain, Gary turned his head to see the twin spirits disappear though the closed door. Still singing, she stood naked before him.

“Your boys are clever,” she said smiling, “You’ll be so proud of them.” She moved toward the couch.

Fear coursed through him. His chest heaved and his heart started pounding. Gripped in Shirley’s hand was a hypodermic.

“I want my boys back,” she said. Her eyes filled with tears.  

“You’d like them back, wouldn’t you?”

Her childish voice returned, “Michael and Jason told me how the new twins would grow up like normal boys.” She placed a hypo on the bedside table. With care, she removed his pants.

Dread replaced his pain as she straddled him.

“Remember?” She giggled hysterically, “We have to make twin babies for the boys - One for Michael - One for Jason. They said they’d make sure it worked. This will make it all okay and we will be a real family again.”

He watched as she picked up the hypodermic.


“The doctor said this would help.”


Enos Russell (USA)


We're at another level here. It is so engaging this serial. It gets nastier as it advances. Greta piece of work Enos
Try reading "great" not "greta" from above. I always see my sausage fingers on a keyboard when it's been published.
This woman is off her rocker, as they say. Great job Enos for turning Shirley into "almost crazy" to "completly insane". Love it. I saw my insane side standing over Gary, eyes twitching.
It's amazing to see how this serial has turned out from the incomplete idea that I started with. Now I need to come up with a fitting ending for this serial. You'll need to hold thumbs for me :)
Haha, this one made me laugh. How crazy and weird has this story become. I'm almost reminded of the movie Garp.
Great stuff, and written very differently without the cold grip the others had.