Chapter 7

Written by: E L Russell

Jason shook his head in a desperate attempt to lose the last of the cobwebs from the car crash.

 I’ve got to get in there. Albert’s smart. He’ll play the waiting game.

He squinted and tried to focus on the doorway ahead.

Crap! It’s the only way in and he’ll have a clear shot. Get a grip! Check the layout.

He held his gun in two hands, crouched, and slowly crept backwards glancing over his shoulder every few seconds.

He reached the corner of the building, looked around, and took a careful step sideways. Then he froze as though he had just stepped on a twig in front of a snake. The bright sun threw his full shadow against the dingy, corrugated wall and he realized any cracks in the structure would give away his position. Still crouching, he quickly checked both directions and backed away from the wall until his shadow no longer touched it.

He passed a dumpster under an open window and a metal ladder leading to the roof.

They’re useless with the sun behind me.

He sighed with relief at the sight of a dark alley between the buildings. Gliding silently through the darkness, he saw his opportunity. Less than fifteen feet from the corner, an invitation from a broken basement window coaxed Jason to slide through into piles of dusty rags and packing.

He stood, surrounded in darkness. A scream broke through the ceiling like a clap of thunder. A loud slap of skin, another scream, and he began to sweat. His wife! They were beating his pregnant wife. The chilling scream was his hurry-up call. He put the gun in his pocket and suppressed an agonizing desire to run up the stairs, shooting. He flinched with every blow. Moving slowly became the hardest thing he’d ever done.

He felt his way carefully through the blackness to the bottom of the stairs. A crack of light from the narrowly opened door above the invisible staircase, pointed the way.

He crawled up rickety stairs on his stomach, one slow splinter-filled cross board at a time and synchronized his progress with her cries of pain. With every slap, he pushed hard with his legs. Albert and Christine couldn’t hear him but he heard them and his hate festered and grew. He refused to rush. Everything, his wife, his unborn child, depended on his patience. He tamped down his need to charge in and continued his stealth-like crawl.

They had guns and he knew someone was going to die in the next few seconds. That did not include his wife and baby. He reached the top step and carefully pushed the door open with the tip of his gun. Jason stared for a second, mesmerized by what they had done to her. He took one last, deep breath. 

Open the door a bit for a better view, then it’s one steady shot to Albert’s head and another in –.

His cell phone rang … 

E L Russell (USA)


Oh Boy! Just when you think it can't get any better - it does. Feel the tension and see the action. Absolutely spot on, Enos. I really look forward to reading more from you and I'm sure other readers will too.
Favourite phrases for me"get a grip" and"someone was going to die in the next few seconds" Crime drama can always get nasty/ugly. Good chapter heading towards the end
The visual is outstanding. I felt like I was right in the scene with Jason while he was sneaking around looking for a way in. Very entertaining, I look forward to reading more of your work.