Book Xchange - a joint serial with Abhimanyu (India) and Sameer Nagarajan (India)

Written by: Abhimanyu

It’s a task, to think straight when your ankles hurt. Like someone’s biting, or worse, sawing them off. When your brain is about to swell and burst because of the blood overflow. My vision is foggy, but not foggy enough. I recognize this room. Even from such an angle. I’d recognize this room even if I were blind. My only predicament is that the Vastu, the energy-flow and the lighting of the room are too positive for it to be a torture chamber.

It’s a task, to think straight when your knees can’t endure your bodyweight any longer. When they are about to rip apart from your femurs

Everything was perfect this morning. A rejuvenating sleep, bowels responding to the first puff of my hand rolled, cold shower and meditation, coffee and egg sandwich, loving wife packing my lunch, no pigeon droppings on my car. I should have been in my office.

It’s a shame that I call myself a movie buff yet no lessons learnt from the horror and crime genre. Always check the backseat before you get inside. No one likes a familiar face suddenly appearing on that rearview, with unfamiliar intentions. Yes, I would love to drive away from my office everyday but not with a knife-tip, pressing against my kidney.

It’s a task to think straight when you can taste the salt of your sweat and the tang of your blood, oozing out of your chest.

If this is the end then, my entire eventful life should flash in front of my eyes right? Then why do I see a butt? A round, inverted butt behind black tights. A butt that I once loved as much as I loved the proprietor of the aforementioned butt. I still do. My beautiful Ajung.

We could have been on a secluded beach in the Andamans, having the time of our lives. Flights were booked and so was the hotel. Boss at the office was informed of a family gathering beyond  state borders. Boss at home was informed about an upcoming business trip beyond the office jurisdiction. Me and my Ajung, my delicate, innocent Ajung, who now looks like an assassin from a secret clan that has thrived since the Mayan times.

Amidst white, blue and green, we could have been drinking coconut water straight from the nut, grilling a fish straight from the ocean. But here we are. For a reason only privy to Ajung.

It’s a task to think straight when you are hanging upside down with a six-inch blade that has penetrated its two and a half inch blade into your chest. Thank god right side!

I think the love of my life is about to commit a crime. That hurts me, yes it does. But what hurts more than the knife is that it doesn’t appear to be a crime of passion. Did she ever love me?

It’s all because of that cursed day! I shouldn’t have gone to that library. I don’t even read books.





Nice preface Abhimanyu. Your work always interests me because i know you will come up with something amazing. You give a good background without revealing too much of about the characters involved. There is a backstory but the reader does not where exactly it is going and why it has led to this situation. You know I am a fan. Looking forward to reading the next chapters.
This word fan humbles me every time Hemali. It also encourages. To put the same effort if not more, every single time. Thank you so much.