She Reminds Me of Celine

Written by: Ray Stone

Tanner winked at Harold, the stage doorman, as he skipped up the back stairs to the first double doors leading onto the stage. 

“You’re here, there’s nothing I fear

And I know that my heart will go on…” 

The singing stopped and Tanner, surprised no-one was shouting that he was late, realised no-one was there. On stage, a little embarrassed, Louise turned a small recorder off and smiled at Tanner.

“The show is going well so Mr Darling took them all out to breakfast at the Blue Room. Wedding is next week, and we are all invited.”

Dressed in hot pants, Louise turned to walk away.

“Anyway, what’s with the squawking?” Tanner looked sheepish and shrugged his shoulders. “You look great, Louise. You sound good too.”

Louise smiled and looked back over her shoulder. “I am entering the TV talent show. It’s the one with Simon Cowells.”

Tanner joined her. “Blimey, it’ll be something if you won that. You wouldn’t talk to me then.”

“Well, maybe you ought to ask me out before that happens.”

Tanner stuffed his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “Yeah, I can see your dad letting his posh daughter go out with an East Ender.” He laughed. “Maybe he’d let me use the Rolls.”

Louise bit her lip. “Yes, you could be right, but a lot of East End boys have something you don’t have, Tanner – manners and a little respect. If you asked nicely maybe you would get what you want, and daddy might like you.” She walked off stage. “See you later, loser.”

Tanner watched her go and fisted the air angrily. He walked to the lighting desk and sat on Sparks’ stool. On top of the desk, Louise had tossed a flyer for the competition. He read it and quickly pocketed it as Percy appeared.

“Hello, dickhead.” Percy tapped Tanner’s head. “You were late and missed a treat.”

“Yeah, yeah, so what.”

Percy snapped his fingers. “Here, did you hear about the local baker who died?”

Tanner shook his head.

“Yeah, he trod on a bun, and a current ran up his leg.” Percy laughed, but Tanner wasn’t listening. 

Marg and the rest of the gang appeared and joined Tanner. From the dressing rooms behind the stage, Louise was singing. Tanner got up and felt the flyer in his pocket. 

“Who’s that,” asked George.

“That’s Louise.” Tanner smiled. “She reminds me of Céline.”

A chorus of banter greeted his remark. Marg shook her head. “Not in your league, Tanner. Stick with the dollies from the disco club.”

Tanner went to collect some microphones from the store. Louise sang the last line of her song, her voice ending on a high note. 

“So, you ‘ain't my type. Okay, Lady Jane, let’s see how good you are,” he muttered. “You gotta be good to beat me. I’m gonna’ show the lot of them.”

He began to sing softly.

“One sunny day, I'll get back again

Somehow, someway but I don't know when

California blue, California blue.”





I say, young Raymond, singing enters the set - and it's not even in the script. That's an interesting diversion. Will Tanner enter or won't he? And who knew he could sing? I shall have to decide whether he sounds great or simply east-end. I like that addition to the plot.
I say, that's a welcome compliment. Thank you. My guess is he has a wonderful voice but a little scared to show it. Who knows?
What a fun chapter. Louise is irritated and we pick that up in her comments. I like the pace and the quips. Where was everyone?
Oh I know...out to breakfast...
Lovely interplay between Tanner and Louise.