Chapter 6

Written by: Anna Zhigareva

Ambrogio wouldn’t have received the honour of being christened by Armand were he not truly a virtuoso in the hunting realm. He was agile, fast and brave. But he was not suicidal.


“Do you realise what your clan, your blood, will do to mine if they find out?” Ambrogio’s brows furrowed and Vicki could see a vein throb on his forehead. He looked pained, undecided. “Do you realise what you are asking me to do, my sweet?”


His voice reverberated softly around the clearing. His tone was gentle, but looking into his amber eyes Vicki could see that they were hollow. He was afraid.


Was she truly as human as she thought herself to be? Or had the powers of the underworld slowly found roots in her heart, grown out in long tendrils, creeping through her veins and arteries? Taking over. Had she become a cold-hearted monster with no empathy for the man she was pushing over the edge, towards death?


Vicki shook herself away from the trance. She had to keep a clear head. Sebastian had exposed their world, and while she dawdled in her thoughts, the media was already distributing millions of copies of the court happenings. The media, the networks and know-it-alls of this progressive century – would she have to kill them all? How far would she have to go to protect her kind?


Her kind. Vicki froze with the realisation. It wasn’t humans she felt affinity to any longer. She was an Amel vampire and she would protect her blood. It was important to kill Sebastian, to save her kind from the destruction that could follow if he exposed any more of their world to the human population.


“My dear.” She held Ambrogio’s hand in her paler, smaller palms. Like Sebastian, Ambrogio wore many rings, gifts from the Highlord. He was a favourite among his people. “You have connections. You will survive this. No one will know it was you. But you are stronger than me, and can face Sebastian. I can not trust anyone else with this.”


“But where would I get so much molten silver that could freeze Sebastian into a dead stillness?” Ambrogio lowered his voice. Vicki knew he would concede to her plea, she just needed to stay focused and he would be hers. And Sebastian would be gone.


“You have connections,” she repeated almost inaudibly, lifting her face to his so that their lips almost touched. “Use them to bring the Goblet of the Marius Dynasty to me. Before dawn, I will melt it and you will pour it down Sebastian’s throat as he struggles for his last breath…” Staring into Ambrogio’s eyes, she focused all her mental energy on him. She watched as his amber eyes hazed over for a moment with a green mist and then cleared once more, all trace of the hypnosis hidden safely behind the amber façade. 


“Yes, my sweet,” he breathed softly and Vicki completed her work with a passionate kiss.


What a clever twist at the end, Anna. Hypnosis... perfect way for Vicki to control a very uncommitted Ambrogio. Nice!