Chapter 3

Written by: Lrennes

She clasped the talisman tightly, a nervous tick. Ever since her change, she would grab it and hold it in her clasp, knowing that the consequences of finding herself without it in the daylight were not something she wanted to experience. It had become her tell, the thing that she did subconsciously whenever she was nervous. She knew it, but she couldn’t stop doing it.


Why had he come? He didn’t have to. He was a vampire, as anonymous as he liked. He wasn’t a lawyer by day, like Vicki. She hadn’t expected him to actually show up. In fact, it seemed like an unnecessary risk. No, he was here to spite her for some reason. To show her that he was still in charge, and could do as a he pleased without consequence. She was nervous, because as finely tuned as her relatively newly acquired senses were, they were no match for his. He had had much more time for maturation, to hone his skills, and that meant that the edge which she had become used to wielding in the courtroom was null and void here. 


‘Why did you come?’ She spoke to him telepathically, trying not to let her emotions alter her expression as she undertook the clandestine conversation in front of the other occupants of the courtroom. 


He sat calmly, unresponsive, his eyes following her like magnetized steel, his hands folded neatly in his lap. He had heard her, but chose to remain silent. 


“We don’t have all day, counsellor.” The judge interrupted her attempts to find out what his motivation was.


“Sorry, your honour. I just need a moment to gather my thoughts.”


“Make it quick. I don’t know about you, Ms. Sanders, but my time is valuable.”


‘Answer me!’ Again, she tried to communicate with Sebastian. 


Again, he remained silent, watching her as though he was alone with his thoughts. 


‘Why are you here?!’ Her frustration manifested in a glare which she levelled at him, hoping to dislodge some small piece of information from behind his cold stare. 


“Counsellor?” The judge looked at her inquisitively, clearly finding her facial expression unusual and inappropriate. “Are you going to ask a question?”

‘Just ask a question.’ Sebastian broke his silence. ‘You can’t keep him waiting forever.’


She shot him an angry glare before responding reluctantly to the judge.


“Yes, sorry your honour.”


She let her hand fall off the amulet as she paced in front of him and began to question him. 


“Can you tell us where you were on the night of the murder?” 


“Of course, I was at the murder scene.” His response was calm, deliberate.


‘What the hell are you doing?!’ she tried desperately to communicate with him once more.


‘You didn’t have to call me to the stand, Vicki. Don’t be annoyed if you don’t like the consequences.’ 


She grimaced. 


“And can you tell me what you were doing there?”


“You don’t remember?” He said with a sneer. “I was hunting, with you.”



Oh yes, what a lovely twist at the end and you describe the tension between Vicki and Sebastien without telling us. We feel it in their interaction. This is very good and sets up an alternative narrative in the two settings. Gives the next writers something to work with.