Chapter 3

Written by: aiden-penn

"So you're pleased Nelson is coming back," Marjory cheerfully said.

The smile on Fran's face dissolved like the brightness of a falling star. Fran turned her head towards the chair where Marjory now sat and said: "It's raining."

"'No, the sky is as clear as glass today."


'No, it's raining. It's late in the afternoon. Nelson and I have pulled off Highway number nine on the way to Bangkok to refuel our motorbike. The dense, low hanging clouds shrouding the sky are unleashing a rush of pummeling precipitation that falls like molten glass. Pitiless winds are shrieking across the landscape and veined white lightning is striking the ground with the ferocity and rapidity of a prize fighter on the attack. Imagine a thousand heavy guns lined up, all firing at the same time: that's what the thunder sounds like. I'm begging Nelson to find a place to stay for the night as I have a bad feeling about this storm. He says, no, we have to push on to Bangkok, because he has friends to meet and they won't wait for him. Within five minutes we are heading down the highway again. Fifteen minutes later, I am sliding helplessly down the asphalt on my back heading for a concrete barrier before time suddenly stops. The clock starts again for me in a Bangkok hospital.

I am calling out for Nelson, who clasps my hand saying, "I'm here Franny."

I'm asking Nelson why I can't see.

Someone with a Thai accent starts speaking at the foot of my bed. "I'm Doctor Wattana, Miss Burton. You have sustained serious head injuries. Your ocular nerves are severely damaged. We also had to amputate your right leg above the knee."

I say, "so you are telling me I'm blind and a cripple."

I can still hear him say, "There may be things that can be done in London to fix your eyesight, and artificial limb technology has advanced well beyond what it was ten years ago."

Nelson then says he has business to attend to in Bangkok and that I will be fine to fly home alone. I get really angry and tell him his arse is going to be on that medivac flight with me because I need him more than ever. 

He may as well have stayed in Bangkok for the short period he hangs around. He leaves me to learn how to walk again, to go through fifteen facial reconstruction surgeries and to adjust to life in shadow.


"So no, I am bloody angry that he thinks he can just walk back into my life.” She took a deep breath. “You will have to excuse me, Marjory, my head hurts and I need to lie down."

Marjory waited until she heard Fran's bedroom door slam shut before picking up her mobile phone and heading out into the back garden. She dialed a number from her contacts.

"Nelson, I don't think a surprise visit tonight is such a good idea."


Some interesting layers are added to the characters through this back story. Good twist at the end.
Thanks Linda.
I really enjoyed this Aiden-penn, particularly the back story which helps us understand why Fran feels the way she does. In fact, i felt angry right along with her. Who does Nelson think he is to mess with her feelings like that???? Lol.
Really well done.
Thanks Rosemary.
You did a great job of this chapter. You've given the main character context by telling her back story. Fancy Nelson thinking he could just march right back into her life? Who does he think he is? Wise move Marjory. You've got us right into the story and empathising with characters. That's good storytelling!
Thanks Suraya. There has been good story telling by all the contributors to this serial.