Chapter 10

Written by: tokyo

David had heard that endorphins were the best pain killers.  Although his leg seemed a waterfall of blood he couldn't feel it.  It felt like a bottle of Merlot tipped down him.  But the smell was much darker and closer to home.

And then a second shot rang out from the darkness.

The light that had been behind him dropped with a clank into the undergrowth that concealed its beam.  There was a guttural groan and then nothing.  David clutched Lizzie and turned to see the second officer's hat lying in the fernery.

Robin had run ahead, no doubt clambering his boney ass back to the car park.  David had been right about him all along; he was a prized Nancy Boy.

He felt Lizzie's breath.  She smelt of that Sav that they marketed in plastic bottles for picnics.  Probably precious Winnie the Pooh picnics too.

"Oh Dave, I'm seriously freaked!"

He could feel the fear in every fibre of her body as he limped against her.

"What about Pete and Francis?"

“You’ll die if we don't get you some help.   And so will they."

She kept moving them away from the campsite dreading all the while a bullet in their back.

David was OK with fear.  He'd been in Afghanistan.  Why the hell he'd ended up hanging out with this group was beyond him.  The fact was he'd always known Lizzie, she was seriously hot and he loved her.  All had been well until Robin came along with his stupid literature and long hair.

"You know how it is with this gay little group Liz?" he said, not caring as they stumbled into the bush.

"I love you.  Peter thinks he does.  But you and Frances are just into Robin.  So if we're the only ones that make it out of this alive I want you to marry me."


THE DAILY NEWS, New Plymouth


Two officers from the New Plymouth armed offenders squad were shot dead in the Mount Taranaki National Park over the weekend, along with an alleged member of the Satan's Cult motorcycle gang, sparking off one of the largest armed offenders call outs the region has seen.  The coroner has advised that the names of the police officers will be released on Monday but the third victim is as yet unknown.

David Ruakere, Elizabeth Turner,  Robin Lane and Peter and Francis Hammond have been identified as the teenagers caught up in the shooting.  Ruakere was shot in the leg but expected to make a full recovery.  His fiancée, Elizabeth Turner said that it had all began with a Winnie the Pooh picnic and a tramp in the bush.  Peter and Francis Hammond were found locked in a caravan at a mountain side campsite, while Robin Lane was found in a distressed state at a nearby farm.  Two suspects remain at large while a charred teddy bear has also been found at the scene...

Simon Angelo (NZ)


I think Simon has written a believable ending and I particularly liked the use of a newspaper article to tidy the conclusion up. Charred Teddy Bear? I hope it wasn’t Pooh.
This story has completely turned around from it's original preface. Good ending Simon. I really liked how Robin was a real Nancy boy and David much tougher than he seemed.