Chapter 5

Written by: Griffin

“Hey Robin what’s up,” said Frances, disentangling herself from the little group, and wandering up to the clearing where Robin was standing. “What on earth have you done to the guitar?”  

“Frances, I found it. I was just going back to the car park and it was by the side of the track propped up against a tree. Look at this, he’s sending a message, he’s been kidnapped.”

“Calm down, Robin, it’s always been like that. It was like that when he bought it. Isn’t that right guys?” Frances turned to the others, who came over to look at the object.

“What planet are you from Robin?” said Lizzie. “She’s right, Robin, it’s been there all the time. The blood is red paint, it’s a joke. You know what; he probably went off to have a leak.” 

“How far do you have to go to have a leak around here?” said David.

Robin looked down intently at the guitar and relaxed his arm. He let the guitar rest on a stone beside him. “Well …” he said, not quite convinced, looking from one to the other.

Lizzie smoothed her skirt and extracted a twig from the wool. It was getting toward evening. She thought she heard the call of a morepork and shivered. “Let’s light a fire,” she said, “and read another chapter and have some wine. When he sees the fire he’s sure to come back.”

Lizzie being the oldest was usually in charge, and Frances immediately started walking toward an area of open land. “Alright, let’s do it over here.” She approached a fire pit, which still had ash from a previous party. “Everybody collect kindling.”

“Lizzie,” said David, “you are so sensible. Of course that’s what we should do. You really are Owl, you really are.”

“No I’m not, Owl is scatterbrained, remember? Sorry I hit you.”

“S’alright, you did catch me red-handed - finger in the honeypot, so to speak.” 

Frances colored. “Oh David, that’s very funny.”

“Moving right along,” said Robin, coming to life and winking at Lizzie.

An hour later they were settled around the fire. “Well done with the rice, David,” said Lizzie. She had changed into black tracksuit pants.

“Thanks,” he replied. “Now, what we should do is read the chapter on Small. That would be so appropriate wouldn’t it?”

“Hey, brilliant,” said Robin. “A search is organized for Small — House at Pooh Corner Chapter Three.” He rushed off to the car, rummaged in the boot, and brought back the tattered little book. He threw herself down and turned to the relevant page.

“It’s perfect — Lizzie is Owl, —”

“I’m not Owl,” Lizzie interjected.

“—Frances is Roo, David is Tigger and Peter is Small. I’m sure we’ll get lots of clues about how to search for Peter.”

Robin started to read, “Pooh was sitting in his house one day …” 

The cry of a morepork rang out, and a hush fell over the group.



Greg Rochlin (AUS)



Yet again we are introduced to a new writer. I like the way Greg has got inside these characters and portrayed teens as they are; actions and dialogue, not an easy thing to do. Best of all, he has brought the Pooh book back and used it as a 'prop' to further the adventure, whether there be a dark, violent, or happy ending.
I do like how a new writer can change the direction of this story from where the last one was sending it. Nice work Greg.
Still too many characters having their say for my little brain to get a real feel of where we are at.
However, it was probably needed. They've all settled down now and sitting around. I'm actually glad things have gone basically back to normal.