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Selling Your Book: On How To Become A Millionaire by Andrew Harris


I’d love to say my book MORE has sold three million copies, been translated into 28 languages and the film rights have just been snapped up by Netflix. But I’d be lying.
Over the last six years, I’ve learned a few hard lessons about selling books. There is a code that can be cracked. My time will come.

The Human Spirit Trilogy by Andrew Harris

I set off to write a series of crime fiction novels under the title, The Human Spirit Trilogy. The idea was to celebrate how we have progressed as a species and made the world a better place over the last two hundred years using scientific discoveries and technological advancement. The books would be positive, upbeat and would leave the reader entertained and inspired. Good will always prevail over Evil and the baddies will get their comeuppance.

Girl on a Beam of Light

Albert Einstein’s Best Kept Secret

On 27th January 1902, 26 year old Mileva Maric gave birth to her first child at her parents’ house in Novi Sad, a provincial town on the Danube that today is Serbia’s second largest city.

The baby girl was named Lieserl and was cared for by her mother for a few short months before she returned to live in a village near Bern, Switzerland, close to where the baby’s 23 year old father had secured employment at the Patent Office on 23rd June 1902.

A Reluctant Celebrity by Andrew Harris

For most people, finding a cure for cancer or saving the world from poverty, would be a momentous achievement. For Dr Hannah Siekierkowski, CEO of New York’s own Klinkenhammer Foundation for Medical Research, it’s what she gets paid to do: just another day in the office.  Matthew Cox wanted to know how she was coping with so much media attention.   


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