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Ghost Writing

By Hemali Ajmera (India)

I have come across very few writers who write solely for the joy of the craft. The commercial aspect always seeps in eventually. Most good writers try to blend the commercial aspect with the sheer joy of creating something that has truly inspired them. The resulting product is therefore unique.

Most writers write with their reader in mind. What would they like to read? What kind of language creates the greatest impact?  How they can develop the plot line to make it compelling?

Writers are Alchemists.

by Suraya Dewing

Writing reviews is good for writers

Writing reviews is good for writers  

Story telling on paper and for film is the same

The principles of good storytelling in film also apply to storytelling on paper.

The litmus test of a good story is how a main character reacts to challenge. At the start of the story he or she is one kind of person and by the end transformed into another. The protagonist overcomes obstacles along the way and when he or she reaches journey’s end the world and the protagonist are changed. This is referred to as the Hero’s Journey.

Amazing Story telling in K-Drama (Korean drama)

Stories remain locked in our imaginations until we describe what we see so that others can share the experience.
This holds true for all storytelling across all media.
I thought I had seen the best of storytelling in British and European drama. This was until I discovered Korean drama (K-drama) on Netflix. I am swept away by its pin-point portrayal of life.

5 survival tips for writers...


This is surely the most important quality a writer needs. There are many good ideas. But having a good idea, written well that actually touches reader's hearts is another matter. It takes persistence to keep perfecting a skill and self-belief. Follow the dream. One day it will be reality. This is the key to success.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston S. Churchill.

Writers Need Feedback

Creativity - is it important?

Is creativity important? Ask any writer frantically juggling work and home commitments with finding time to write and they will say, creativity is as essential as breathing.'

The importance of acknowledging the need to express ourselves creatively was brought home to me when a member of The Story Mint, who had not written for a while, contacted us with a chapter for her story. In her message she wrote, “It feels fantastic to be writing again.”

Writers connecting with readers (written for Lalitha Ravindran, India)

Before you put that first word on the page take the time to understand your readers. Consider their interests and how to connect with them. Readers have millions of titles to choose from so why should they pick yours?

Give them a very good reason or better, several reasons. Make the cover unmissable, ensure the first paragraph grabs their attention and keep the story going using great description, strong characters and fast paced story line.


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