Writers are Alchemists.

by Suraya Dewing

In a Blog Ryan J Pelton quotes Raymond Chandler in this way:
A writer [...], who gets no joy out of the creation of magic by words, to me is simply not a writer at all. 
Writers are alchemists. They magically transform single words into sentences that have the power to change how we experience the world.
When a reader makes an emotional connection to a piece of writing that is magic. In that moment, there is an amazing spark of recognition and a tacit agreement by the reader to continue the journey to wherever the writer is going. That's the point when reality is suspended and a vast new world opens up. New thoughts are inspired and new insights gained.
A skillful writer synthesises words in such a way that a reader feels compelled to join them on the same mysterious journey. That is magical not only for the reader but it is also magical for the writer. Writers continue to learn until they put their last full stop on a page. They  continue exploring how to spark a sense magic in their readers.
Raymond Chandler says:
If you still love the magic of writing, you'll come to the page often. And if you come to the page often, some stuff will work; and some will not.
But you're here and doing the work. Magic will keep you going.

Let the magic drive and inspire you.

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