Stimulating Students to Engage with Writing by Anna Zhigareva

During the hour-long webinar a major realisation all who attended agreed on  was that the challenges teachers and students face today are global. Almost every teacher  - engaging students with writing is an ongoing battle. Stylefit hosted the webinar and were delighted to receive 40 registrations.

Teachers from across the globe shared their challenges, frustrations. Many were tired of being under pressure and hoped for a better solution for themselves and the students they cared about so deeply.

During the webinar presenters talked about how Stylefit is becoming an assistant in the classroom, enabling teachers to coach specific students and not losing teaching momentum.

We were especially grateful for Y8 student Nandana Ramachandran who spoke eloquently about how Stylefit enabled her to get immediate feedback on her writing, saving her from waiting. 

Other themes that came through were:
-       Teachers in New Zealand, Nepal, Germany, the Emirates, India, the UK work extra hard to keep their students engaged, leaving little time to really focus on those students who need the most help
-       There is a constant struggle within the profession to achieve a better work/life balance. Teachers dedicate their time to teaching, marking (often late into the night and on weekends), planning lessons and CPD, consistently passionate about their students’ success.
-       Students struggle to break free from an immense fear of failure, while those who really want to write often find themselves under-prepared in terms of their writing skills
-       Increasingly, students just don't treat writing as something that could ever be fun!
The transformational effect Stylefit has on student engagement, motivation and performance has already been seen first-hand across different schools and year groups. We know we can make a valuable difference in writing skills education and are now more driven than ever to continue our support for students and teachers across the globe.

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A short blog that says it all. One thing that I notice and I do beleive it may be because I have got so used to using Stylefit. I am now confident at handwriting some of my letters. I know we all get used to our computers and auto corrections etc. But after a while I started to write letters , confident that not only was the punctuation correct but that I began to think about how to make a letter more interesting and saying more about me through the way I used verb, adjectives and all those rules one learns when writing a serial chapter. After using Stylefit for 6/7 years I now am over 90% sure each time my work will arrive somewhere on the grid. Use the Stylefit regularly and it is "Like Riding a Bike" A great blog, Suraya.
. I have to admit the report was written by Anna Zhigareva. She was instrumental in bringing it all together. Another one on Writing Fearlessly is in the planning. Sorry Anna

However, thank you Ray for your comments.