MARY By Tony Riches - Book Review


By Tony Riches

Reviewed by Suraya Dewing

Writing historical fiction that doesn’t lose its authenticity while also remaining enjoyable to read requires great skill. As the writer creates the story he or she is drawing on a vast reservoir of knowledge and choosing which pieces will serve the story well is a challenge.

Tony Riches manages this juggle exceedingly well.

He keeps enough information in the story line so we understand the period and the political tensions of the time. Historical fiction is a wonderful way to learn more about a period without labouring through text books and I felt better informed about Mary Tudor after reading MARY. It was easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable.

I did not feel at any time that the author slipped into giving me information he felt I needed to know. For example, he brought Mary’s sister, Margaret, into the story and by contrasting hers and Mary’s lives we gained a deep understanding of how life was for aristocratic women and particularly these two key historic figures. This was cleverly done. With the writer making no judgement on their situations the reader was freed to reach his or her own conclusions.

However, the biggest challenge a writer of historical fiction faces, is to create believable characters and win empathy for them from readers and yet not stray too far from fact. He achieved this admirably.

I also thought he handled Mary's loss of her first son sensitively and realistically. Having given the reader insight into Catherine’s desperate attempts to give King Henry VIII a son, the reader was already sensitised to what losing a son meant in those times.

This is a most enjoyable read and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in history.

5 Stars

Tony Riches
Book Review


Thank you Suraya, glad you enjoyed the book.