Enos L. Russell

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Enos L. Russell
Sci Fi/Fantasy
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Science Fiction
Mystery Thriller
United States

Hi - I'm Enos L. Russell, Ph.D., educated in mathematics, and trained in research, I have spent several years as a corporate consultant for emerging technologies and as an online instructor. My writings reflect an eclectic interest in the impact new technologies may impose on individuals and social groups. My latest research into programming genetic code (Epigenetics) and brain development has led to the COHORT novels. My genre is Mystery Thriller with a dash of paranormal skills thrown in. • I have published some short shorts and flash fiction stories in 9 formats • http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/enosrussell • My Novella, Onset has been published in Amazon's KDP (Kimdle Direct Publishing) • http://www.amazon.com/Enos-Russell/e/B007Y6AKB2 • All my stories past, present, and future can be seen at my Blog: Cohorts • http://www.enosrussellblog.com • My favorite books - 2012 Ender's Game Speaker for the Dead 1Q84 The Trojan Towers by Raymond Stone