Chapter 6

Written by: dannyo77

Dear Sandra,

I’m pleased to say that Santa Monica is as delightful as it ever was.  Even in the crisp spring breeze the pier seems to hold a warmth of its own. The salt from the sea invades every breath, carrying with it all those evocative memories.

I visited the rustic little eateries every night – there is always something new that makes me curious how we’d not found it before. Last night it was an Italian pizzeria. Just a small establishment one road back from the pier. Every guest was welcomed by, it seemed, all of the staff. The pizza chef hand spun every pizza, occasionally putting on a show as he tossed the dough in the air. Each pizza was a work of art to him, and the care and attention was evident in the final product.

What has become of us Sandra? The fun loving, care free days seem to be behind us. My travelling has allowed me time to reflect. I feel ready to reconnect with life, but I need to infuse it with meaning and joy beyond the trivialities of the day-to-day tasks and necessities. I wish dearly to speak with you. Do you remember when we stayed up all evening talking about our dreams and wondering about the deep philosophies of life? I miss those. That is the kind of talk I’d like to have with you when I see you.

But I am here in Santa Monica and you are where? I cannot find even the faintest rumour of you nor your presence here. Clearly you have not come back. I have but one option. I have not seen much of Asia on this trip and so I have booked a flight to Jakarta. That’s right sister! I probably should have gone there before Santa Monica and I do hope to find you where I last expected you to be and where I’ve been sending these letters.

Besides my money is finally starting to dry up. Funny how the desire to get back to reality is so closely linked to subconscious thoughts about resources! You are probably rolling your eyes at my frivolity, like usual. But these months of voyaging have been cathartic. I am glad I have done this.

I can only hope my mail is not getting through to you due to anomalies in the Indonesian postal system. If you do get this one, I have sent it roughly two weeks ahead of my flights, so I should be knocking on your door within a matter of days. I do hope that I find you safe and sound.


Sue looked up from the letter to see Nirmala staring expectantly at her.

“So? What did he say?”

Sue was dumbstruck and fumbled over her sentence before she could say it, “He said he’s coming here to visit Sandra.”

Nirmala leapt to her feet, and hurried across to the corded phone on the wall. “We better get started finding this young lady.”




This is a beautifully crafted chapter with flow and imagery. You also smoothed the transition from being a series of letters to a story. The voyeurs are under threat of being discovered! Terrific! Some tension growing.