Chapter 10

Written by: h.patel

Lightning flashed as his assailant brought the butt of the gun down on his head.
The last thing Marcus saw was the shadow of his assailant gliding toward the table where the dormant Marie bot lay.

“Dump his body in the closet,” Melissa urged.

“If you had done your job it wouldn’t have come to this,” Stanton growled.

Footsteps made them spin around. Clara was bounding down the stairs as if she walked on air. She stopped near Marie bot, and looked at her. She reached out and stroked her cheek.
Seeing no reaction, she turned to Melissa for answers.

“There is no crystal core in there yet. The upgrade should be finished in half an hour."

Disgusted, Stanton looked at the Marie bot.

Turning to Melissa he whispered, “she’s so…..” He trailed off, shuddering. “Can’t believe I thought she was real.”

Footsteps thumped above them.  All three of them froze. None were expecting visitors.

Melissa looked at Stanton and he nodded. She had to be the one to go up. So as to make no sound she tiptoed, keeping her heels away from the floor.

Clara studied the flickering computer screen. Frowning, she snapped her fingers over her thumbs. A soft rubbing noise issued into the room. She looked to the ceiling and tapped her foot.

“I wish the update would hurry,” she murmured.

For what seemed like hours the only sound in the room came from the whirring computers.

Thumping above, made them freeze.

“Did Jonas know we were here?” Clara whispered. "I thought I got rid of him."

Stanton shook his head. “I don’t think so.” He looked up,

“You go check,” she instructed with a wave of her hand. “I’ll keep things going down here.”

Stanton began the careful climb up the stairs. Harman was waiting. She leapt out from behind an alcove and shoved him down the stairs. He spun and crashed against the railing before falling down onto one of the computers. Jonas stood at the top.

“Watch it,” Clara screamed. “You’ll short Marie bot.”

The computer fizzed and Stanton lay; his body broken by the fall.


The computer running Marie bot’s upgrade started a high pitch screech.

“God, you’ve killed her!” Clara shouted.

Melissa took the full force of his tackle. He flung her to one side. Clara raced to the computers and pulled a lever. They hummed.

Jonas flung Melissa out of the way and rushed to grab Clara. An almost inaudible ding signalled the end of the upgrade. Dodging Jonas she grabbed the crystal and inserted it into Marie bot.

‘She has to live Jonas!” she shouted. “She is the Marie you thought Marcus killed.”

Nobody moved. The bot whirred into life.

Jonas stared as the Marie bot took on life and sat up.

Just at that moment, Marcus stumbled from the closet. Filled with fury, Jonas leapt on him and pounded him with his fists.

Between blows Marcus cried, “Stop. I’ve purified her.”

Author: Hetal Patel (UK)


Firstly thank you to Suraya for allowing me the oppurtunity to write the last chapter, it was really fun. I would also like to thank the other authors who have been a part of this, I have been able to learn quite a few things from the way you have all written your chapters. Again a bit thank you to her for having a look through what I wrote and editing it. I hope you all enjoy reading this chapter.
Great chapter, Hetal! You brought nearly everyone together with a balance of action and dialog. I don't know how much more you could have done with just 500 words. I'm just feeling like there's more to the story . . . ?
Why not have another 10 chapters - Part II ?  ;-)
Continue the story? Let's let sleeping bots lie. This excercise was a bunch of fun but we'll need to muster our creative talents for the next serial.  
Which would be when, exactly? Suraya? I'm ready!
@ annette  There were quite a few ideas I had but this one seemed this most fitting so I used this one and yeah I had quite a bit more in mind but the word limit was keeping me in bounds. If there is a part 2 I would love to be a part of it :) Is there anything like that planned Suraya?  
Lots of fun! Since I was too late to get into the act, I waited until I could read the entire story. You did am amazing job for only 500 words per chapter. Thanks for a great read!
This was a tremendously satisfying first serial. So thanks to everyone sho contributed and for yuor enthusiasm. Brilliant. At this stage part 2 is not planned. If there's a loud vote for part 2 we'll look at it further down the track. Meantime, we have a new serial about to start. I hoped today (Monday in NZ) but Hayden is away so it'll be tomorrow. I have some thoughts about what we should be aiming for in our next one and I'm posting a blog on that today. So thanks again everyone for your enthusiastic serial writing....It was really great (I want to say awesome but it such an overused word I'm avoiding it....but you get the idea!
Suraya I would love to be a part of this new story, if you are using the same system of booking a chapter I will most definately sign up. For the time being I am on holiday so checking the site frequently is near impossible but I hope to hear back from you.
To keep audience interest up the story needs to vary.  I found each writer used the same format which laboured the idea.  Give this serial more variety ie use a different style for each chapter and that should keep a range of readers interested.  I understand that it was an exercise for writers but readers have to be maintained to.